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January 2013



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R.IP. Phil The Beer, AKA The Maroose. My old mate from Loughborough who passed away late April 2010 .

Fare thee well Phil , you will be missed .

More sad news, Roger Hutchinson , who has been one of the major contributors to the free festivals part of the site has passed on.

A long time Windsor and Stonehenge vet, Roger was responsible for donating countless rare photos and documents to the site as well as helping many researchers with recent books on music and free festivals. He was a gifted artist who created the iconic 1975 Stonehenge Free Festival poster.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to his wife Gill and his family on behalf of ourselves and the visitors to the site.

R.IP Roger.

Latest Updates - Updated Jan 1st 2013.

Film footage of Jonathon Kelly in concert is needed as there seems to be nothing in the vaults anywhere, contact his management if you can help.....

We are hoping to add in the next few months , years , millenia, the next life .....

But to do this we need MORE info on these events. You can help by Contacting us on these festies and any others you attended.


Please note- this site grows by donations of material by its viewers, it may take a long while for short comments to be added to pages due to the size of the site and the amount of new info that is coming in. We usually wait until we have enough comments available to make it worth while to post new updates on this page .

All we can say is -be patient , it will be added eventually .If it doesn't appear after a few months a gentle reminder would be appreciated, rather than a demand that your ten word comment that really adds nothing new be inserted immediately. Our brains are getting older , so we forget things on occasions. Also, as the site now contains over 19,300 items , thousands of pages and many sections , its getting REALLY hard to keep it organised and updated regularly let alone do any research to find new material and information ......

Another thing, we have frequently been asked to set up forums on festivals. Apart from the fact that we just don't have time to moderate or set up any forums , given the experiences we have on trying to find any useful info on most forums, ( a topic starts and then gets way off topic whilst good posts get buried waaaaaaaay under the dross ) we prefer to add the info people send to us manually so we avoid the pointless off topic and list nazi type stuff one always gets on any forum. We want our info to be relevant , as accurate as possible , easy to find and to the point - we hope it is :-)

Fans of John Peel's Dandelion label might want to check out the DVD release

please note we have no commercIal connection to OZIT , we do provide links to some of their products we think might be of interest to our viewers but we are not paid for this .

Main Archive of UK Festivals 1960-1992

Donations of material wanted

Gradually working on Milton Keynes Bowl concerts - send us STUFF PLEASE to get us going . Soap Aid, , Cumbria Festival 1991, Leigh Valley rock 1979, Tarlair Festival 1993, other ultra rare free festival goodies from the early 70s-80s .

STILL looking for eyewitness accounts of Cardiff Castle shows in the 70s. When did Mungo Jerry play at the Castle ? Help !

wanted : Festival welfare services reports from 1984 onwards.

January 2013

Bristol Free Festival 1971 Under construction , but plenty of artefacts to grokk over....

Windsor Free Festival -Bill Ubi Dwyer Arrest in 1975, Phoenix peace festival, 1977 Windsor 1977-78

Windsor Free Festival 1973- new documents recollections

Windsor Free Festival 1974- new recollections. documents

Windsor Free Festival 1972- new documents

December 2012

Frodo Baggins Birthday Party Clyro Court 1989

Silver Moon festival, Nenthead 1984-photos, timeline, program, site map .

Bath Festival 1970 New recollections and pix of Formerly Fat Harry , Keef Hartley, Colosseum , Donovan and the Hells Angels

Hyde Park free concert June 29th 1974 new photos of stage and crowd

Stones in Hyde Park 1969 new photos

Whittlesey Barn Dance 1968- Fairport Convention , Fleetwood Mac , Bluesbreakers, etc.

Humberside Pop 1969-1970 desperately looking for more info on the 1970 show which featured Free and Soft Machine.

Burton Constable Hall All nighters 1967-68

Hyde Park June 19th 1968-   new adverts and info

Reading Festival 1973 lineups- new adverts

Reading Festival 1972 lineups- new adverts

Reading Festival 1971 lineups- new adverts

Isle Of Wight Festival 1968

Camden Festival 1972 lineups

Camden Festival 1971 lineups

Camden Festival 1970 lineups

Parliament Hill Fields 1968 Photo of Jefferson Airplane onstage

Windsor Arts Festival Home Park September 1972 Hawkwind, Arthur Brown, Pretty things, Pink Fairies . Our attempt to sort out the confusion occurring regarding this festival and Hawkwinds recorded live show at Windsor Free festival August 1973.

Penwith 1983 New photos of Chuck Berry

November 2012

Reading Festival 1976 new photos

Second National Jazz and Blues Festival Richmond 1962 New documents

Harlow Free Festival 1975- new gig poster for Thin Lizzy and East Of Eden .

Fife Aid Two 1988 new page- the timeline for all stages and a map of the grounds

October 2012

East Anglia Rock and Blues Festivals - new comments

Kendall Festival 1973 - new comments

Barbeque 67- Spalding new photos and comment .

Weeley Festival 1971- new crowd photos and one of an unknown band.

Nottingham Progressive Music Festival 1970 new pics of Family , Taste and Atomic Rooster .

September 2012

Stonehenge Free Festival 1984 new pics of bands and filmcrew

Crosby Stills Nash and Young Wembley 1974 new pics

Woburn 1968 new pics

Festival of The Flower Children Woburn 1967 new pics and info

Reading Festival 1976 new pics of campsite and crowd

Isle Of Wight Festival 1969 new pics of Havens, Felix , Dylan and F Hardy

Knebworth 1985 new photos and recollections

Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 many new pics of crowd, stage, site

Isle Of Wight Festival 1969 lots of new pics of crowd, stage, site

Stonehenge Free Festival 1981 new pics of crowd, stage, site , norty substances etc from the Archives of Stonehenge film maker Al Stokes .

Heavy Metal Holocaust Port Vale new pics of stage construction .

August 2012

Reading Festival 1973 Two new photogalleries and great images of the Faces, Status Quo, john Martyn, Tim hardin, Rory Gallagher , Peter Gabriel and more

July 2012

Durham Domefestival 1979-80 -new images of bands onstage

Rock on the Tyne 1981- New photos of the Saturday show, Ian Dury, U2 and Elevis Costello.

Reading Festival 1978 new recollections.

May 2012

Watchfield Free Festival 1975 New band info pics of Stonefield Trampm and No Sweat

Heavy Metal Holocaust Port Vale New photo of Ozzie and more program bits including site map .

Peace Convoy at Norwich and Lyng 1983 Many photos courtesy of Stonehenge film maker Al Stokes

Greenham Common Free festival 1982- Many new Peace Convoy photos

Watchfield Free Festival 1975- complete set of Watchfield Freek Press added

March 2012

Cardiff Castle festivals - new eyewitness accounts

Elephant Fayre 1986 -Eye witness account of the burning of a tree by kids that angered villagers

Isle Of Wight Festival 1969 new pics of the Who, Third Ear, Band, Edgar Broughton, Blodwyn Pig ,Indo Jazz Fusions and Julie Felix

Phun City festival 1970- Added a second new recollections page with extensive accounts by attendees and new documents

Ashton Court Free festival 1978 Even more new pics of Streve Hillage, Here and Now , Gazer , unknown bands and site.

February 2012

Ashton Court Free festival 1978 new pics of Streve Hillage, Here and Now and site.

Glastonbury Festival 1981- new pics and some new setlist information .

Stonehenge Free Festival 1979- New recollections

Glastonbury Fayre 1979- lots of new pics of Mother Gong and site

Stonehenge Free Festival 1980- New recollections

Buxton 1973- Wally story and new poster

Knebworth 1978-Genesis, Starship, Roy Harper . new photos

Thin Lizzy at Milton Keynes Bowl 1981 new photos of Lizzy, Judy Tzuke, Ian Hunter

Heavy Metal Holocaust Port Vale 1981- new images of program, recollections

Charlton 1976- couple of new photos

Ruthin Free Festival 1981 New photogallery and account of this tiny windswept festy held in the Horseshoe pass in picturesque North Wales.

Isle Of Wight Festival 1970- 25 new photos of site and audience. Oldies, go and see if you can spot yourself , or your Volkswagen van . Youngsters, go see if you can spot your mum or dad !

January 2012

Crosby Stills Nash and Young Wembley 1974 - New photogallery of the band onstage with Joni Mitchell. Joni with LA Express, also crowd pix

At last we have got our shit together and added Fife Aid 1986 and Fife Aid 1988. Van Morrison, Runrig, John Martyn, Marillion, Sugarcubes and others .

Watchfield Free Festival 1975  updated site map  New photos

Reading Festival 1980 - New recollections.

Knebworth 1980 - New Beachboys photos and recollections

Crystal Palace Garden Party 1973- Jeff Beck James Taylor. etc. New photos of performers backstage and crowd

Seasalter Free Festival New recollections.

Caesars Camp 1978- Peoples Free Festival New recollections.

Knebworth 1979 New recollections

Knebworth 1978 New recollections and film details.

Knebworth 1976 New recollections

Knebworth 1975 New recollections

Knebworth 1974 New recollections

Nostell Priory 1982-84-new recollections

Windsor Free Festival 1973- new recollections

Crosby Stills Nash and Young Wembley 1974 - two new images of the band onstage

The Who Wembley 1979- New photogallery- colour photos of the Who ! More to come when they have been cleaned up.

Bluesology 1968 Chateau Impney Grounds, Nr Droitwich - Many pics of Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, grounds , stage, crowds (both dry and wet ), beer glasses, broken chairs, The Rain and Jeremy Spencers Baby !

The Who Charleton FC 1974 New recollections

The Who Vetch Field Swansea 1976 New recollections

Windsor Free Festival 1972 New info, press account

Bath Festival 1969 New recollections and pix of Edgar Broughton, Chicken Shack , John Mayall and Keith Emerson

Stonehenge Free Festival 1983- new photo gallery of Reggae band Majestic performing onstage

Bath Festival 1970 New recollections and pix

The Who Wembley 1979 New recollections

Bill Ubi Dwyer Rare info about the 1972 Windsor Free festival, origin of "ubi"

Windsor Free Festival 1974 New recollections

Monsters of Rock Donington 1988 various updates, new documents.

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984 various updates, new documents.

Monsters of Rock Donington 1983 various updates, new documents.

Monsters of Rock Donington 1981 various updates, new documents.

Reading Festival 1973 - new image gallery

Baston Festival Lincolnshire 1970 New page , more content needed

Newark Festival of Contemporary Music October 1970 New page ,more content needed

Nostell Priory 1984- Steppenwolf setlist

Charlton 1976   New recollections. ( more to come soon )

Hastings Festival 1967 and All Nighter 1970 New recollections.

Reading Festival 1989 various updates, new documents.

Reading Festival 1988 various updates, new documents.

Reading Festival 1987 various updates, new documents.

Reading Festival 1983- various updates, new documents , selist updates.

Reading Festival 1982 New photogallery

Reading Festival 1981 new photos, new documents.

Reading Festival 1980 - various updates, new documents , selist updates.

Reading Festival 1979 various updates, new documents.

Reading Festival 1978 various updates, new documents.

Reading Festival 1977 various updates, new documents.

Eighth National Jazz and Blues Festival Sunbury 1968 new documents , timeline updates.

December 2011

Reading Festival 1976 - various updates, new documents , selist updates.

Reading Festival 1975- various updates, new images , selist updates.

Reading Festival 1974 - various updates, new documents and images , selist updates.

Reading Festival 1973 - various updates, new documents and images , selist updates.

Reading Festival 1972 - various updates, new documents and images , selist updates.

Reading Festival 1971 - various updates, new documents and images , selist updates.

Sixth National Jazz and Blues Festival Windsor 1966 New documents and info

Fourth National Jazz and Blues Festival Richmond 1964 New documents and info

Third National Jazz and Blues Festival Richmond 1963 New documents and info

Second National Jazz and Blues Festival Richmond 1962 New documents and info

First National Jazz and Blues Festival Richmond 1961 New documents and info

Nottingham Pop and Blues Festival 1969 photos of Fleetwood Mac and Status Quo

10th National Jazz and Blues Festival Plumpton 1970 New documents and info

9th National Jazz and Blues Festival Plumpton 1969 New documents and info

Reading Festival 1978 new documents.

Spalding Tulip Festival 1967 New recollections and pics.

Reading Festival 1975 - various updates, new documents and images , selist updates.

Treworgey Tree Fayre New recollections

Windsor Free Festival 1973 New photogallery of Hawkwind and the crowd

Watchfield Free Festival 1975 New photos

Isle Of Wight Festival 1970- New rare pics of Miles Davis collaborators Stanley Tonkel and Teo Macero backstage

Isle Of Wight Festival 1970- New recollections and photos , recollections split into 2 pages with new pics on each .

October 2011

Blackbushe 1978 New pics spread over all pages .

Festival of the Flower Children Woburn 1967 New poster

Seasalter Free festival 1976 new documents and recollections , including the finding of a recording by Visitor 2035

Reading Festival 1987 Swag of excellent new photos of Alice Cooper, Zodiac Mindwarp and The Stranglers.

Reggae Sunsplash 1984 and 1985 new page on the biggest Reggae concerts in the UK in the mid 80s

Knebworth 1979 New recollections and pics of Zeppelin .

Knebworth 1978 New recollections and pics of Genesis ..

September 2011

Harrow and Wealdstone FC 7-15-1972 New page

Rugby Rag 1969 First hand account of day 2 of this forgotten festival.

Durham Dome Festival 1980 recollections and photo of Prefab Sprout onstage.

Trentishoe Free Festival 1973 recollections from Louise of the Greasy Truckers .

Treworgey Tree Faire 1989 More new recollections.

National Jazz and Blues Festival Richmond 1965- new recollections

Alton Towers Pop shows 1969 various posters .

Wollacombe Devon 1970 Poster from this one day event with Free and Amazing Blondel, others

Brentwood Festival 1977- new page with pics , more info from the group that built the stage

Wembley 1974   CSNY, The Band , Join Mitchell. - new recollections

10th National Jazz and Blues Festival Plumpton 1970 New pics of Deep Purple, East Of Eden, ISB and others

Monsters of Rock Donington 1988 New recollections and pics

Monsters of Rock Donington 1987 New recollections

Monsters of Rock Donington 1985 New recollections

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984 new photos , new Tshirt scans

Peoples March For Jobs 1981 Brockwell Park . New pics of Townshend, Havens, The Quads and Jim Capaldi

Phun City Festival 1970 , 14 new colour photos of bands , Cochise, Demon Fuzz, Mc 5 , and best of all, the Pink Fairies onstage in the Nude !

Reading Festival 1974- Photos of Nutz onstage

Rock Against Racism Brockwell park 1979 First hand account and pics by Paul Gilbert of Verdict , who opened the concert .

Great Western Festival Bardney 1972   New recollections including an account from the police side of things

Treworgey Tree Faire 1989 New recollections.

Nostell Priory Festival 1982 - new pics.

Nostell Priory Festival 1984 - new pics.

Nostell Priory Free Festival 1984 - new info.

Harlow Free Festival 1973-1991 More new gig info ,posters. press cuttings, updates to 1975. 76, 78. 79 pages.

July 2011

Queen at Cardiff Castle 1976 Press report.

Treworgey Tree Faire 1989 New recollections.

Ozrics Jam at Torpedo Town Free Festival New photo gallery.

1962 National Jazz and Blues Festival New poster

1963 National Jazz and Blues Festival- New comments

The Pink Fairies at Harmony Farm Duddeswell 1971 New pics

Buxton Festival 1972 a number of new photos.

Queen at Knebworth 1986 New recollections and pics.

Weeley Festival 1971 Lots of new photos

June 2011

Stonehenge Free Festival 1979 some minor updates

Stonehenge Free Festival 1980- lots of new pics.

Buxton All nighters 1968-70 new posters

Free festival updates Rivington Pike and Vines Cross material

Phil The Beer Ultra rare pics of the late Phil Shakesby and his daughter on the road in 1981

Monsters of Rock Donington 1986  New photos

Monsters of Rock Donington 1985  New photos

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984  New photos

May 2011

Who Put The Boot In Tour 1976 More Updates to Charleton and Swansea

Reading Festival 1978- new recollections

Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989 new recollections

Harlow Free Festival More new gig info ,posters. press cuttings.

Led Zeppelin Knebworth 1979 New recollections

Monsters of Rock Donington 1988 New photos of stacks being supported by a forklift before the crowd surge deaths !

Elephant Fair 1983- pics of the Cure

April 2011

Jesus Jellett. new sighting at Hyde park 2001 ! New photo Stonehenge 1981!

Weeley Festival 1971 New recollections and backstage photo.

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984 Rare pics of Ozzy Osbourne being hugged by a rabid fan and then falling over onstage .

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984 site photos

Windsor Free Festival 1972 Festival organiser and "love priest " Paul Pawlowski busted ! Fuzz take his loaf of bread into custody for examination ! Honestly !

Windsor Free Festival 1974 new press cuttings.

Harlow Free Festival More new gig info ,posters. press cuttings.

Bob Marley Crystal Place 1980 - new photo

Crystal Place Garden Party 1973- program cover

Knebworth 1976 New photos and recollections

Who Put The Boot In Tour 1976 Updates to Charleton, Swansea and Glasgow

Led Zeppelin Knebworth 1979 New recollections

Windsor Free Festival 1974 New press articles on the campaign to sue the chief constable .

Windsor Free Festival 1974 New band info.

Windsor Free Festival 1974 New photos , comments .

Ruthin Free Festival 1980 New photos of the site

Harlow Free Festival New gig info and a poster.

Glastonbury Festival 1987 2 issues of the festival newsletter documenting " the great biro crisis of 87 "

National Jazz and Blues Festival Richmond 1963- new recollections and more complete lineup

March 2011

Medicine Ball Caravan Canterbury 1970 . A nice photo of the stage under construction as well as recollections from one of the touring company

Reading Festival 1972 New information , BIT solicitors report on police harassment of the audience .

Reading Festival 1975. Oodles of obscure backstage stuff supplied by our inside contributor , crew member Mick Davis

February 2011

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984 New photos of the site , crowd and Accept.

14 Hour Technicolour Dream 1967- new recollections

Crystal Palace Garden Party 1971 New recollections

Bath Festival 1970 New recollections and photos

Bath Festival 1969 New recollections

Glastonbury Festival 1978 New recollections from Harry Williamson of Mothergong

Glastonbury Festival 1977 New recollections and photos from Harry Williamson

Reading Rock 1977   General revamp of page and new photogallery .

Crystal Palace Garden Party 1977. Elvis Costelllo Santana program cover

Buxton All nighter Sound 2 1970 -Ginger Baker , Blaack Widow poster

Nottingham 1969 - Fleetwood Mac/ Pink Floyd new poster

Hyde Park Free concert August 1968 - New large photo of Ten Years After .

Reading Festival 1980 New photogallery with pics of Slade. Krokus, UFO, etc

David Bowie, The Beat and Icehouse Milton Keynes Bowl 1983 New page with Bowie setlists and images, need more info on Icehouse and The Beat.

January 2011

Police, Squeeze UB 40 Milton Keynes Bowl 1980 -New page with photos of Squeeze .

Thin Lizzy , Judy Tzuke , Ian Hunter Milton Keynes Bowl 1981 -New page with photos

Pennycross Stadium Plymouth May 1969- Fleetwood Mac, the Herd .

Inverness festival 1970- new info

Rougham Tree Fayres -updates.

East Bergholdt Faire 1981- new page of photos , TUMT site, etc

Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989 new photos and recollections

Elan Valley Free Festival updates.

Ogwen Valley Fair 1977 New page, looking for eye witness accounts !.

Norwich Peaceful Fair- 1983-86- updates

Reading Festival 1989 - new photos , crowd and Voice of the Beehive.

Roger Ruskin Spear at Guildford free festival 1973 links to Guildford-1971-74

Aldermaston Peace Festival 1972  New page, looking for eye witness accounts !

Hungerford Common Festival 1990 or 1991 New page with lots of nice pix.

Llanbister Festival 1991 - new photos

Reading Festival 1983 - new photos

Gateshead stadium 1982- new photos of Bono, Po-lice ,The Beat and Gang of Four

Jesus Jellett (or Gellett) the festival dancer Added all the comments and sightings of the ( in) famous ( but mysterious ) nude festival dancer whose real name was Clive ( according to Twink ) but was REALLY called William (according to Mick ) , but what the hell , whtever his real name , we've included one of his manifestos for all you dudes and dudettes to grok over !

Glastonbury Festival 1971 New recollections , link to Pyramid Stage designer Bill Harkin's site .

Stonehenge Free Festival 1981 Band pics and posters

Monsters of Rock 1988. Recording details - updates.

Hyde Park Free Concert August 24th 1968 Sorry it took so long to add your post Chris !

Hyde Park Bandstand Free Concert September 1968 we finally add Chris Marshalls very informative post sent to us in 2005, dooooh !

Stonehenge Free Festival 1982 New leaflet

Stonehenge Free Festival 1979 Two new posters

Watchfield Free Festival 1975- lots of new clippings about local opposition to the festival, the abortive Windsor 1975 festival and other stuff !

Bickershaw Festival DVD volume 2

The Who at Charlton 1974 new recollections

Mayfly Free Festival Oxford 1972-73 New posters

Cumbria Rock festival 1990 : New page with photos and setlists

Buxton 1973 and 1974 1972 1969/70- new recollections

Weeley Festival 1971 : New photos and recollections

Stonehenge Free Festival 1984: new photos . Also reorganisation of photo galleries , hopefully they are now easier to navigate .

Stonehenge Free Festival 1983: new photos

Cambridge Free Festivals 1969-70:new recollections and photos

Caesars camp 1975 : newsletters

Great Western Festival Barney 1972  :new recollections

December 2010

Glastonbury Festival 1981 - recording info from Mother Gong member Harry Williamson.

Green Moon Festival Nenthead 1983 new photos

Blue Moon Festival Nenthead 1982 new photos

Beltane Festival (AKA White Horse , Dragon Hill ) 1989 Many great new pics .

Stonehenge Free Festival 1976. : Local press articles

Medicine Ball Caravan Festival Canterbury 1970 New recollections.

Harmony Farm free festival Duddeswell 1971    Local press cuttings .

November 2010

The Damned CND festival 1983 Brockwell park- new photos

Hyde Park Concerts 1969. 1971, 1968, - new recollections

Great Western Express Grangemouth Festival 1972 - ticket and recollections

14 Hour Technicolour Dream 1967- new recollections and article.

Bluesology Droitwitch 1968- programme

Uxbridge Blues Festival 1965 - new photos of the Who Marianne Faithful and Long John Baldry

Knebworth 86 A few new recollections

Charlton 1974 new recollections

Who Put the Boot In Charlton 1976 new recollections

Motorhead at Wrexham FC 1982 -new recollections

Uxbridge Blues Festival 1965- new recollections

October 2010

Monsters of Rock Donington 1986 New recollections

Monsters of Rock Donington 1985 New recollections

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984 New recollections

Monsters of Rock Donington 1987 New photos of Metallica ,Anthrax and Dio.

Inglestone Common 1989 Lots of new photos of ( more unidentified ) bands onstage

Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989 Lots of new photos of ( unidentified ) bands onstage

click on graphic or text to order or view the book

This special offer expires soon

Thought you might like to know that the above book will be published on next week, on the 20th October through Jon's own publishing company - Temple Music.

It's called "Playing the band..." and covers Jon's life in music spanning four decades, playing with many of Britain's top musicians and relates their experiences at the 1969 and 1970 Bath Festivals (which I have sent you an extract about earlier).

As it's being published independently, we could use all the online promotional help we can get, so if there's any way of you mentioning/posting it as part of your excellent website...we'd be really grateful.

Thank you.

Colin Richardson

August 2010

Monsters of Rock Donington 1986 New photogallery : More photos of Scorpions, Def Leppard , Bad News and the site.

Glastonbury Free Festival 1977 New photos

Knebworth " Bucolic Frolic" 1974 lots of new photos of the bands and the crowd

Monsters of Rock Donington 1985 Nice new pics of the stage, Bon Jovi , Ratt and Metallica

National Jazz and Blues Festival Sunbury 1968- exclusive new colour pics of the Nice , Tyrannosaurus Rex , Jeff Beck and more

July 2010

CND Peace Festival 1987- New Photos

GLC Free Concert 1984- Photos of the Damned, Spear Of Destiny, Brilliant and others

Reading Rock 1979- New photogallery of the early Friday night acts, The Cure, Punilux, Doll By Doll, Motorhead, etc.

Isle Of Wight Festival 1969 - Some new photos of the crowd

Donington 1985 New photos and recollections

Donington 1984 New recollections

Glastonbury 1983 -Site map

The Who 1969 photogallery Collection of pics from a 1969 concert.

The Pye Mobile recording crew: Isle of Wight Festival 1970- At last , photos of the heroes who preserved the audio for posterity !.

Funkadelic at the Lincoln racecourse festival 1971 Photos and reviews

Exclusive photos and accounts of Led Zeppelin's soundcheck at Knebworth 1979

A veritable plethora of little updates that we have been saving up for your amusement and delectation : July 17th

Charlton 1974 new recollections

Charlton 1976 new recollections, including identification of the bozo who climbed the lighting tower :-)

Bickershaw 1972 new recollections

Donington 1986 exclusive pics of Bad News

Obituaries : New portraits of Phil The Beer and Bumpy- courtesy of the highly esteemed and talented David Stooke

Glastonbury 1982 - New recollections

Blue and Silver Moon festivals - new recollections

Aktivator Festival 1988 photo of the Hippy Slags onstage .

Glastonbury Festival 1978 New recollections

Glastonbury Festival 1977 New recollections

Great Western Festival Barney 1972 New recollections

Bath festival May 1970 New recollections

Treworgey Tree Fayre    New recollections

Harmony Farm free festival Duddeswell 1971    New recollections

Medicine Ball Caravan Canterbury 1970, some recollections from Pete Sears of Stoneground

Larger updates

Knebworth 1976 . Many new photos of Hot Tuna and Todd Rundgren and more

Reading Festival 1983 A few new photos in gallery 4

Reading Festival 1982   Gets its own photogallery page as well as a shitload of great backstage photos of Iron Maiden, Lemmy and others !

Festival related products

Theres a Dvd you can purchase from Ozit featuring the Grateful Dead at the Hollywood festival. which does feature some very rare footage, but the drag is there is not a lot of it , its the same stuff we have stills of on the Hollywood site .

June 2010

End of April and all of May was impossible, apart from Phils death, which really knocked me back on my heels , I just could not do any updates for reasons I won't go into here in detail but which involved ladders , brushes and lots of paint amongst other equally dreary things...... :-(

Reading Festival 1987 All about Eve and other pix

Jefferson Starship Knebworth 1978- New photos

Reading Festival 1981 New recollections

Bickershaw Festival 1972 - New recollections from one of the organisers

Reading Festival 1976 More new photos , added Gong and Mallard to the ones of AC/DC, Manfred Mann, Crowd , The Enid , Brand X and The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver.

Uxbridge Blues Festival 1965 New recollections

Aquae Sulis Incident Bath 1970 New recollections .

lots of minor updates on Donington and other pages.

Lots of stuff to come in June- promise !

April 2010

March was too busy , just could not do any updates, saw too many bands and life got in the way. Will catch up this month- hopefully .....

Dylan and co at Blackbushe 1978 New photos, recollections

Monsters of Rock 1983 - Exclusive pics of Dee Snider, ZZ Top and new recollections

Knebworth 1976 Some new photos and recollections

Windsor Free Festival 1973 A page full of new exclusive pics of Hawkwind and other bands, the crowd, etc

Reading Festival 1980 Lots of new pics, including Budgie, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Whispering Bob 'Arris, Magnum and many more ....

Womadelaide 2010 Was both wonderful and wet ! Take a gander to see what Aussie festival goers were up to in March whilst all of you in the Northern hemisphere were huddling round yer Argas trying to keep warm :-)

Isle Of Wight Festival 1970- around 20 new photos on two new pages

February 2010

Donington 1984 Around 50 exclusive photos of Ozzy, Van Halen, AC/DC and Gary Moore.

Reading Festival 1983 Four new photo galleries. Exclusive pics of Mama's Boys, Magnum, Heavy Petting, Fortune ,Crazy Angel , Lee Aaron, Suzi Quatro and Sabbath

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984 New photos of Ozzie and Accept

Charlton 1974 Some very nice new pics of the Who in action onstage

January 2010

Lots of hard rock updates to bring in the new decade as well as a few free festies bits and bobs . Its now 11 years that the sites been around, in various incarnations .Will we make 2020 ? We'll see.....

Stonehenge Free Festival 1977 and 1982- updates

Wayne Countty and Electric Chairs setlist for Reading 1977

Heavy Metal Holocaust 1981 Some new set lists

Milton Keynes Bowl 1984 Status Quo pretend they are going to stop touring and we launch our first Milton Keynes page .One down, 13 to go .

Torpedo Town Free Festival  Finally ! an accurate timeline and precise locations from 1982-87 ! New images and recollections from the 86-87 festivals

Clash , Aswad, X Ray Spec , Tom Robinson Band at Victoria Park 1978 - New photos

Glastonbury 1981 Photo of only surviving Pyramid Builder T shirt

Glastonbury 1983 Photo of Dennis Brown

Hollywood Festival 1970 Lots of updated and new photos of the festival

The Stranglers and Peter Gabriel Battersea Park 1978 New page. looking for eyewitness accounts

Motorhead and Saxon at Hackney stadium 1982 New page. looking for eyewitness accounts and more pics.

Cardiif Castle Festivals 1975-76 New page : we want more info, but here's what we have so far....

Nukli at White Horse Free Festival 1989

White Horse Free Festival 1985 - Rare documents that the police refused to accept--- read them here

Donington 1981 New photos of Blackfoot

Donington 1990 New photos of Aerosmith

Torpedo Town Free Festival 1992 eviction notice being served by de plod ...

Glastonbury 1990- First hand account of the battle of Yeomans Bridge.

Glastonbury 1970 New photos of the first festival

Donington 1987 Some new pics

December 2009

Reading Festival 1989 - memoirs of a stage crew member

City Rock Chelmsford 1977- First UK Punk festival - a financial disaster....

Nukli and the Subhumans at Torpedo Town Free Festival

Womadelaide 2009 Our yearly festival pilgrimage - a bit late reporting the festivities this year .......

Oregon setlist updates

Caesar's Camp Free festival 1978 New incredibly rare exclusive photos of Freaks at the Gates of Windsor Castle !

Bath Festival 1970 of Blues and Progressive Music Updated and new photos of Canned Heat, Flock and Maynard Feguson

November 2009

Isle Of Wight Festival 1970- around 20 new photos on two new pages

Elephant Fayre 1983- Lovely series of photos which show how idyllic the Fayre was in the early days

Reading 1988 New photos

Great Western Festival Lincolnshire 1972- new recollections and pics

Reading 1980- substantial new number of pics including some nice close ups of Pat Travers and Bernie Torme

Medicine Ball Caravan Canterbury 1970- the incredibly obscure PInk Floyd, Stoneground , Faces free concert that was filmed and then discarded by Warners .Where is the lost footage ?

Pop Blues Festival Yeovil 1970- Rare Bird, Black Widow , Savoy Brown , looking for pics and recollections

Aquae Sulis Incident - Bath May 1970- scans from the program and recollections

Reading Festival 1973 New photogallery

Harmony Farm Free festival Duddleswell 1971 New photos and memories

Deeply Vale Free Festival 1978 new T shirt and recordings info

Rivington Pike Free Festival 1976- new photos

Reading 1979- Whitenake setlist , recollections, Cheap Trick pics

Reading festival 1982-site map and program cover

Glastonbury Festival 1990 – Numerous new photos

Glastonbury Festival 1989 – Numerous new photos

Glastonbury Festival 1985 – Some new photos and sitemap

Bill Dwyer at Hyde park new pics of the famous Windsor free festival supremo.

"Jesus" at Speakers corner Hyde Park 1973 more pics of the nude dancing eccentric- does anyone know who he really was ?

Spirit at Reading Festival 1978- new photos

Bath Festival 1970 of Blues and Progressive Music - new pics of IABD Flock and Canned Heat , also news of film archives , plus new crowd photos and recollections .

Donington 1982 - photos of Hawkwind

Donington 1986 pixs of Warlock and the Scorpions

October 2009

Reading Festival 1986- new recollections from Sunday

Torpedo Town Free Festival - new recollections

More accurate setlists for several Donington artists

September 2009

Hollywood Festival 1970 More new photos- the Dead , Family and crowd .

Stonehenge Free festival new pix and recollections from 1984

Reading 1975 Some very nice large new black and white photos.

East Anglia Rock and Blues Festival 1981-91 New page: Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, Rory Gallagher and more .

National Jazz and Blues Festival 1967- setlists for Jeff Beck , Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall

Reading 1978 -Memories of a US punk who attended the Friday night show

Reading 1987- photos of Lee Aaron, Magnum and MGM

Donington 1987 new pics of Dio and the arena

August 2009

Weeley 1971 new recollections

Knebworth 1979- Detailed reasons as to why we do not necessarily believe all the hype about the gigantic audience numbers that are supposed to have attended the festival.

T Shirt and site map for Blackbushe 1978

Red Ice newsletter May 1981

Stonehenge Free Festival 1981 band listing and new newsletters and poster

Inglestone Free Festival 1981 We find out just who stole the stage for firewood !

Hollywood Festival 1970- six exclusive new photos including one of Colosseum and another of the Grateful Dead - also recollections

More minor updates Knebworth 86, Knebworth 85, Bath 69, Buxton 74, Crystal Palace 73, GlC 1985, as well as various Hyde Park concerts

Bluesology Droitwich 1968- new recollections

New Order at Glastonbury 1981- photo gallery

Minor updates to Elephant fayre 86. Reading 1989, Treworgey 1989 , IOW 70, Oregon concert setlist database , Wrexham 82 and Reading 83

Knebworth Park 1974- Bucolic Frolic new photos of the Doobie Brothers and crowd

July 2009

Reading Rock 1983- photos of Alvin Lee and Little Steven

Motorhead at Wrexham FC 1982   new page. Looking for photos and eyewitness accounts.....

Blackbushe Picnic 1978 - 12 new pics

Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989- new pics and a negative comment !

Ye giant update to Ye Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe site Many new pics

Stonehenge 1976-1977 and 83 -hansard transcripts

Ribblehead Free Festival 1988-91 updates

Elan Valley Free Festival 1976 New page - contains photos and recollections.

Greenham Common Free Festival 1982 new photos

Knebworth 1985- Deep Purple- some new pics.

Stonehenge Free Festival 1983- new pics and updates

Inglestone Free Festival 1981 - three new photos - one of the PCI bus as well as recollections

Hyde Park Free concert 1974- new photos of Toots and the Maytals and Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers.

Bath Festival of Blues 1969- Even more new photos of Taste , Liverpool Scene, Colosseum, Keef Hartley , Roy Harper , Edgar Broughton and Chicken Shack

Knebworth 1976 -several new pics

Isle of Wight Festival 1970- some excellent new photos (view pages 2- 4)

Camden Free Festivals 1969- updates to Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac concerts

Cambridge Free Festival 1970 recollections

Cambridge Free Festival 1971 poster and timeline

Glastonbury Festival 1970- new photos

Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989- new recollections

14 Hour Technicolour Dream 1967- new pix and recollections

Crystal Palace Garden Party 1972- new pics of Beach Boys and audience

Minor updates to Donington 81 and various 1970s Reading festivals

June 2009

Glastonbury Festival 1979 - site map

Glastonbury Festival 1981 - New photos

Stonehenge Free Festival 1980 - New photos

Reading Festival 1978 New recollections

Reading Festival 1980 new photos of Krokus and Whitesnake plus an unknown band who we would like to identify

Elephant Fair 1986 - new recollections , a song and photos of the festival

Great Western Festival Bardney 1972 New photos of Humble Pie , Lindisfarne and stage

Buxton Festival 1973 New photos

Bad Company , Lou Reed and Humble Pie Charlton FC 1974 new pix and also more crowd photos

White Horse Festival Uffingham 1989 some nice exclusive pix

Harmony Farm Free festival Duddleswell 1971- new page- looking for more info on this one

Aktivator Festival 1988 some photos from this obscure fee paying benefit

Stonehenge Free festival some new articles re the Wallies and the setting up of the first festival in 1974 and an eyewitness comes forth who was there at the informal gathering in 1972 !

Clyro Court 1989- new site photos

Watchfield Free Festival- many new documents.

Hyde Park 1974 new photos and press clipping

Great Western Express 1972- new recollections

Bickershaw Festival 1972 - a new photo of Jerry Garcia backstage

Blackbushe 1978 - The picnic with Dylan and EC - new photos and recollections

Windsor Free Festival 1975- the festival that never was- publicity materials and press clippings

Windsor Free Festival 1974 - first 1974 Freek Press issue found

Windsor Free Festival - 1975- The Trials of Ubi Dwyer- exclusive documents re the planning of the aborted festival.

National Jazz and Blues Festival 1967 new pix of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and the audience

National Jazz and Blues Festival 1964 a few rare new pix of the Stones

May 2009

Donington 1988 new Megadeath and Guns and Roses pix

Blue Moon Festival 1982 new pix

Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 New photos of The Who, Chicago and others, also site pics

Weeley Festival 1971- new pix sprinkled through the recollections pages and setlists

Nostel Priory festival 1982- new photos of Marillion, Lindisfarne and the Blues Band

Reading Festival 1990 New pix of Faith No More, Cramps and Nick Cave

Tim Blake at Glastonbury 1979 Rare collection of never before published pix taken by the late Ron Reid , the negatives of which were gifted by Ron to one of our contributors .

Buxton 1972- more new pix of stage and surrounding wasteland :-)

Great Western Express Bardney Lincolnshire 1972- new photos and recollections

April 2009

Krumlin Festival recollections

Reading Festival 1983 and 1981 recollections

Buxton 1972 new photo of stage

Knighton Festival Radnor 1970 Photos and local press accounts

Lincoln Racecourse 1971 - more info on Funkadelic

Llanbister Free festival 1991 new pages on this small festival in Powys - lots of good pix !

Reading Festival 1980 more pix of cans , bands and bums, updates to 1987 as well

Isle of Wight Festival 1970 New photos of Family , Chicago. more setlists and some site pix

Stonehenge Free festival new pix from 1984 .

Isle of Wight Festival 1969 New photos of the site and the audience .

March 2009

Theakston Music Festival 1982 Nostell Priory - new pics of Lindisfarne, Marilion and others on the bill.

Knebworth Festival Sept 1978 Peter Gabriel, The Tubes, Zappa , Wilko Johnson and Rockpile photos

Here and Now at Deeply Vale Free Festival 1978 Some lovely new photos of the band onstage

Sphynx at Deeply Vale Free Festival 1978

Glastonbury Free Festival 1978 Some nice new photos of stage , site and band

Watchfield Free Festival 1975 Big update with lots of new photos of site and bands

Yet more 1970 Bath Festival  photos - exclusive pix of Zeppelin , Flock and many more

Heavy Metal Holocaust 1981 Nice new pix of Mahogany Rush and other bands

Reading Festival 1988 lots of new exclusive backstage pix and new recollections

July Wakes festival Chorley 1976-77   Big update with poster and photos

Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Many new exclusive photos of Free, The Who The Band, Richies Havens, Liverpool Scene, Pentangle and more

February 2009

Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe pages updated with new info and pix

New page on the Wystic Mankers

Blue Silver and Green Moon fayres Cumbria - new pix of Wystic Mankers , site and recollections

Glastonbury CND festival 1981 John Cooper Clarke's setlist

January 2009

CND Rally Hyde Park April 1987- commemroation of Chernobyl with Style Council , good old Billy Bragg, Gil Scott Heron and more

Glastonbury CND festival 1984 - New photos of performers

Rock for jobs Brockwell Park 1981 - Pete Townshend, Aswad, the Members

"Popday 70" Portsmouth Greyhound Stadium spectacularly unsuccessful one dayer with Keef Hartley and Gentle Giant

Knighton Festival 1970- lots of inside information ....

Anti Nazi League - Rock Against Racism concerts 1978-1979 - more to come soon on these - need more info on the 1979 concert in particular

Great Western Festival 1972 Bardney Lincolnshire - set lists and film info

Bath Festival 1970- More Hells Angels pix and some new crowd photos

Buxton Festival 1969-71 and 1974 Minor updates

Exceptionally rare letters , band info , recollections and posters from the Windsor Free Festival 1974

Anti Nazi League Festival Manchester 1978 new photos and info

Pink Floyd Hyde Park 1970 Film footage info , 'whatever happened to the 280 minutes of footage shot at this show ?

Don MClean at Hyde Park 1975 minor update

Donovan at Hyde Park 1969 six pix

Kevin Ayers and Gong Hyde Park 1974- new photos

Queen and Steve Hillage Hyde Park concert in 1976-Some new pix and recollections .

Watchfield free festival 1975 New info

Reading Festival 1990 New page, lots of setlists

Reading Festival 1989 New page, lots of setlists and pix.



December 2008

Reading Festival 1988 New page, as much as we can find , but its not a lot so far, we need help !

Reading Festival 1987 New page, lots of setlists and a few pix.

Reading Festival 1986- New page- at last we tackle Reading in the late 80s, 1990 to follow soon - contact us if you have any recollections or Pix

Glastonbury Free Festival 1978 -BIt newsletter

The Elephant Fayre 1981-86- a few new bits of information and flyers.

Lots of minor Donington Festival updates 1988, 1986, 1984, 1990 and 1981

Glastonbury Festival 1990 More travellers field pix of Wango Riley's stage

Stonehenge Free festival updates 1974/5 1977 and 1984

Hells Angels at Bath 1970 New accounts from bikers .

The Who at Charlton 1974 - new photos

Krumlin Festival 1970- new photos and details of how to contact John Wharton who is writing a book on the festival.

Glastonbury Festival 1984 Around 20 new photos including one of Morrisey onstage.

Donington 1990 Monsters Of Rock - new pix and some recollections

November 2008

Most of these small obscure festivals we have just added have bare bones info, such as adverts and lineups -we need more to flesh out the events, such as recollections and most especially - photos! .

Knighton Festival 1970 The Move , Clark Hutchinson , Piblokto

Bluesology 1968 Chateau Impney Droitwich John Mayall , Fleetwood Mac, The Move

Afan Festival Number 2 1970 Yes, Keith Hartley , Brinsley Schwarz, Atomic Rooster

Stonehenge Free Festival 1984 around 60 new photos of the last Stonehenge summer solstice festival

Croeso Blues Festival Abergavenny 1969 Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, Kimla Taz , Elmer Gantry .

Hartlepool Football Ground May 1971 Beggers Opera , Arrival

Lincoln Festival May 1971 Funkadelic/Parliament,Groundhogs,Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come,Tea & Symphony

Hereford FC Festival 1971 Mott The Hoople , Head Hand and Feet,

Worchester Charter Festival 1971 Van Der Graaf Generator ,Graham Bond , Brewers Droop

Nottingham Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970 Taste, Family.

Aquae Sulis Incident Bath 5-23-70 Fleetwood Mac

Glastonbury 1986 new photos

The Elephant Fayre 1981-85- lots of new posters, passes, tickets, etc.

Knebworth Fair 1976 Many new photos of crowd and long shots of bands.Videotaping info from one of the crew .

Great Western Express 1972 - site map and info from the program

New photos from the Glastonbury Festival 1979 Sphynx, The Spoons , The Pop Group and John Martyn

Melody Maker Pollwinners Concert - The Oval 1972- New photos of ELP, Focus , Argent and god bless em - Fudd !

October 2008

Polgooth Fayre 1977-79 programme and site plan and new info on earlier shows

Donington 1990 Monsters of Rock Festival. New page on the headbangers biggest festival !

Reading rock 1981 new photos

Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe Bus photos

Bickershaw recollections and pix

Grateful Dead In Egypt : revamped site with larger images.

September 2008.

Mayfly Free festival Oxford - updated.

Bath Festival 1970 Pix of Ainsley Dunbar and Peter Grant backstage

Bath Festival 1970 Major new collection of photos of Frank Zappa and the Mothers !!!!!

August 2008.

Watchfield Free Festival 1975- new freek press issues

Isle of Wight Festival 1969-new photos and recollections

Crystal Place Garden Party 1974  New photos of the stage and crowd

Windsor Free Festival 1974 -newly discovered issue of Freek press Day 3 .

Knebworth 1986 Queen , Status Quo and Big Country in the park .

Hyde Park Bandstand 1968 New recollections.

Crystal Place Garden Party 1971 -New recollections

Hyde Park 7-28-68- New photos of Traffic and the Nice

The Who Put The Boot in - Parkhead 1976 -Sensational Alex Harvey Band setlist and recollections

Great Western Express Festival Grangemouth -new recollections and correct band line up

Great Western Festival 1972- lots of new recollections , band info and various pics.

Kendal Gathering 1973 - ticket and personal account

Glastonbury Festival 1989 More new photos from the travellers field and main festival

Glastonbury Festival 1990 Even more new photos from the travellers field updated 14th August

Bath Festival 1970 New photos of Joe Jammer, Keef Hartley , Fairport Convention and Maynard Ferguson

Bath Festival of Blues 1969 Even more photos of Colosseum , Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack and Blodwyn Pig .

Twmbarlwm Free festival 1986 New photos from the 1986 festival

Oxford New Age Fair ( Port Meadow ) 1986   Photos !

Green Deserts Fair 1986 - the last Rougham Fair ?

Rougham Tree Fair 1981-82 new information ,photos and program items.

July 2008.

The Summer of '80 Garden Party Crystal Place Bowl -Bob Marley, Average White Band, Joe Jackson ,Q-Tips,

Summer In The City- Crystal Palace Bowl 1981 - Ultravox, Madness.

Oregon setlist updates 1970s-1980s .

Fleetwood Mac in Hyde Park 1968- nice photo

Isle of Wight Festival 1970 Recording info, new recollections and images.

Isle of Wight Festival 1969 Recording info, new poster.

Knebworth 1976 - new photos and recollections

Harlow Free festivals 1973-75 band information

Donington 1981 Slades setlist and new recollections

Blackbushe-    New photos and recollections

Lake Bala Free Festival 1975 - Photos

Oxford New Age Fair ( Port Meadow ) 1986 - poster !

Ham Hill Free Festival Yeovil 1979 Photos

Phun City festival :new recollections

Seasalter Free festival :new recollections

Durham Dome festival :new recollections

Cambridge Midsummer Pop , an almost forgotten free festival from 1969 with a fantastic lineup , also some sparse info on the 1970 festival.

Monsters of Rock Donington 1984 -New photos.

Krumlin Festival 1970 New photos and recollections.

Bath Festival of Blues 1969 New photos also new recollections and identification of the newly discovered audio tracks from the festival . Snaps from 8mm film found of Led Zeppelin, Nice and others, more details here at Tight But Loose Magazine.

Torpedo Town Free Festival. Big update of the 1992 festival with 16 exclusive new photos

June 2008

Charlton 1976 New recollections, bigger versions of photos.

Buxton festival 1969-74 - minor updates, new recollections.

Bath Festival 1970 new recollections

Torpedo Town Free Festival. BIG update includes 1987-1991 recollections, pix and posters from Steve Bubble, one of the organisers .

The Who /SAHB Parkhead 1976 - new recollections and photos .

Watchfield Free Festival 1975 new recollections, band info .

Treworgey Tree Fayre - New recollections

Isle of Wight 1970-lots of new recollections

York Rock Festival 1984 Echo and the Bunnymen photos and other goodies .

Crystal Palace Garden Parties - new recollections.

Rock On The Tyne 1981   Photos of Rory Gallagher, Dr Feelgood, Ginger Baker and Lindisfarne .

Elephant Fayre 1982 new recollections.

Elephant Fayre 1983 new recollections.

Twmbarlwm Free festival 1987 New page

Formby Point Free festival 1987 new photos

Donington 1988 More eyewitness accounts including one from a friend of one of the guys who was killed.

May 2008

Womadelaide 2004 Hamid Baroudi, Gilberto Gill, Abdullah Ibrahim, Zakir Hussain, Oumou Sangare, Tinariwen, Leo, Youssou N'dour , Eliza Carthy, Cat Empire.

Womadelaide 2005 Richie Havens , Ozomatli, Lo'Jo, Yair Dalal, Zap Mama , Compagnie Carabosse, Les Yeux Noirs, Not Drowning Waving, Kronos Quartet, Alpha Blondy,

Womadelaide 2006 Talvin Singh, LABJACD, Dhol Foundation, Miriam Makeba, Dr L Subramaniam, Paul Kelly, Jimmy Cliff, Scrap Art Music , Musafir Gypsies, Bomba, Clair Bowditch and many more.

Updates to Womadelaide 2008 with more John Butler and Beautiful Girls photos .

Updates to Womadelaide 1992

Womadelaide 1993

Womadelaide 1995 and

Womadelaide 1998

April 2008

Womadelaide 2007 Femi Kuti, Salif Keita, Yasmin Levy, Blue King Brown, Lila Downs, Mahotella Queens, Gotan Project, Fat Freddies Drop, Compagnie Des Quidams, Kronos Quartet, Mariza, The Waifs ,Celenod, Lunasa , Billy Cobham and Hunn Hurr Tu .

March 2008

Womadelaide 2008 John Butler, Mavis Staples, Watussi, The Beautiful Girls, Martin Hayes, Beirut, Idan Raichel, La Compagnie Carabosse, Sharon Jones and the Dapkings, Mamodou and Toumani Diabate, Billy Cobham photos and more to come soon .

Durham Dome Festival 1973

Nottingham "12 Hours of Happiness" Festival July 1969

Polgooth Fayre- updates

Feb 2008

Torpedo Town Free Festival    Memories from 1985

Vines Cross New memories from one of the organisers

Windsor Free Festival 1974 LOTS of new recollections

Glastonbury Festival 1982- 1989 New band photos, Judy Tzuke, Throwing Muses .

Monsters of Rock festival 1988 -Donington- The BIGGIE ! New page with setlists and images.

Festival of Fools Penzance 1980 New page- more info needed

Monsters of Rock festival 1986 -Donington- New page with setlists and images.

Monsters of Rock festival -Donington 1980-84 - updates

Blue Moon.Green Moon and Silver Moon Fayres more updates and articles

Greater London Council free festivals 1984-86 updates and new pages . Damned at Brockwell Park , Final GLC concert 1986

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins Birthday Parties Clyro Court 1988-89

Reading Rock 1983 New recollections and setlists.

Major update to Nostell Priory 1982 with Jethro Tull, Lindisfarne and Marillion photos

Stonehenge Free festival 1980 New Tibetan Ukranian bus and marquee photos.

Blue Moon.Green Moon and Silver Moon festivals Cumbria - new recollections

Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe- new photos of the Troupe in Europe  May 1983 and Stonehenge 1984.

Nostell Priory 1982 Theakstons Music festival, Jethro Tull, Marillion, Ralph McTell, Swarbrick and Nicol, etc. New band photos.

Jan 2008

Cantlin Stone Free Festival Clun Forest 1980-90 some great pix from Herb

Police , U2 Gateshead 1982

Penwith 83 Meatloaf and Chuck Berry

Greater London Council Festivals. 1981-85 .Victoria Park Hackney ,Battersea and Crystal Palace Bowl - need eyewitness accounts and more pix . More info to come soon

Barbeque 67 Spalding new photos and recollections.

Hollywood Festival Details of the Hollywood Boxed set .

Reading 1980 - Many new exclusive photos

Glastonbury CND Festival 1984- new exclusive Photos . Timeline updates to most years apart from 1990 and 1983

Loch Lomond Festival 1980 - many new exclusive photos - Gillan, Krokus Lindisfarne .etc.

Loch Lomond Festival 1979 - new recollections.

Harlow Free concerts- new info on 1981 shows

Heavy Metal Holocaust 1981 Photos and FWS report and more information 9th Jan 2008

Harlow Free festivals - poster for 1981 concerts in the Park

Vines Cross New memories and a photo !

The Who Stranglers, AC/DC, Nils Lofgren- Wembley 1979 - Many exclusive photos of the Who , Festival welfare report on the vile scrumpy that poisoned hundreds.

Crosby Stills Nash and Young Wembley 1974

Hyde Park Free Concert. 5-31-75 Exclusive pix of Don McLean onstage .

Rock On The Tyne 1981 Gateshead Stadium 8-29th 30th 1981 ,Elvis Costello, Rory Gallagher, U2, Ian Dury, etc. 1982 festival pages to come soon .

Nostell Priory 1984 - The commercial festival. Van Morrison, Pretenders, Marillion, The Band

Nostell Priory 1982 Theakstons Music festival, Jethro Tull, Marillion, Ralph McTell, Swarbrick and Nicol, etc.

Deep Purple Knebworth 1985- Our New Year present to Purple fans , a tribute to one of the wettest festies of the decade- lotsa photos but we need more recollections.

December 2008

Reading 1973 New photo of Stackridge and recording info

Reading Rock 1983

Reading Rock 1982 New page with setlists and some pix, we need recollections for 1981-83 ( and beyond !)

Reading Rock 1981 New page with many photos

Reading Rock 1979 New photos, memories

Rivington Pike ( North Country Fair )1976-78 New photos and memories

Review of Deeply Vale DVD

Led Zeppelin Knebworth 1979 More new photos of Zep. stage and crowd , exclusive technical info from a stagecrew member, Utopia setlists for both shows

Genesis Knebworth 1978 Even more Genesis photos , setlist updates and more

Hyde Park free concert 9-12-70 new info and photo

Oregon- Many new setlists 1974-2006

Glastonbury Fayre 1971- new documents

Donington 1983-1984-1985 - Monsters of Rock pages.

Vines Cross Free Festival 1983

Knebworth 1980 New pages from Knebworth 1980 -recordings, photos and FWS reports.

Nostell Priory 1984- Free festival area photos

Stonehenge 1982 New Photos

Glastonbury 1982 New Photos

Port Meadow New Age Fayre Oxford 1986

Ribblehead Free festival 1987-91

Torpedo Town Free Festival incomplete page as we are still collecting info but there are nice photos of Ozrics by Baz and Roy Harper from Steve Tomalin also newsletters from 1986 !

Stonehenge 1985- more stills from the Battle Of The Beanfield and rare photos of people making their way to the Stones on foot .

Krumlin recollections

More Wally info

Cambridge Free Festival 1971

Great Western Express Bardney Lincoln 1972- new recollections and photographs

Formby Point Free Festival 1987 seven nice photos of this obscure event sent in by Herb

Northern Carnival Against Missiles 1981 - lots of pix donated by Chris Hewitt of OZIT records

Northern Carnival Against Racism 1978 - lots of pix donated by Chris Hewitt of OZIT records

"Jesus "at Reading and Speakers Corner   We all remember him, almost as much a legend in his own luchtime as was the infamous "Wally " - although Jesus was more easilly identifiable. Well 'Jesus ', the emaciated long haired dancer/messiah /nude entity who was a feature of most 70s festivals now has his very own page ....

Massive photo update on the 1974 Reading Festival Photos of Thin Lizzy, Bj Harvest, Procul Harum, HM Kidz, JSD Band, Steve Harley - many crowd pix

Windsor Free Festival 1973 - many great new photos of bands and crowd and new comments .

National Jazz and Blues Festival Reading 1973- New photos - big update, photos of Alex Harvey, Faces.

National Jazz and Blues Festival Reading 1972- New photos -

National Jazz and Blues Festival Reading 1971- New photos

Pink Floyd Hyde Park Free Concert 1970 stills of crowd, Edgar Broughton, Floyd and stage taken from 8mm film

New images of Led Zeppelin, Santana , Canned Heat , Zappa and Donovan at Bath 1970 - taken from 8mm film

Reading Rock 1980 Photos - About 10 new pix of various bands spread across all pages.

Reading Rock 1979 minor updates . Recollections and recording info

Reading Rock 1978 minor updates. Recollections and recording info

Crystal Palace Garden Party 1971

Oregon Setlists

Krumlin Festival 1970 new recollections

Bickershaw New recollections

Watchfield Free Festival Photos

Windsor Free Festival 1973 Photos and recollections

Windsor Free festival 1974 Photos and recollections

Stonehenge free Festival new photos of the 1975 Festival

Inglestone ( Avon ) Free Festival 1980

Inglestone Common ( Avon ) Free Festival 1989

New photos Bath 1970 more here

Review of Bickershaw DVD

Glastonbury Festival 1989 new photos of travellers field and stage

Elephant Fayre 1986- New photos

Avon Free Festival 1989- Inglestone Common

Elephant Fayre site plans and timelines 1985-1986

Stonehenge free Festival new photos of the 1979 Festival

Travellers vehicles at Treworgey and from 1986--2007 .

Treworgey Tree Fayre -many new photos of the site before and after the festival

Elephant Fayre 1983- new photos

Monsters Of Rock .Castle Donington 1980-82 the first three of the decade, big photo of the stage from 1980 and the usual bits and pieces. Recollections needed .

Bickershaw Festival 1972 new photos and recollections short review of new DVD.

Great Western Express 1972 New recollections and pix.

Elephant Fayre 1984-86- new posters

New photos and article Stonehenge 1982

New photos Stonehenge 1984

Isle of Wight 1970- updated copies of Freek Press - we now seem to have a complete set !

Amougies 1969 external link to nice set of pix of Colosseum and other bands

Isle Of Wight 1970- external link to 29 nice ( but small) photos of the festival mostly from Desolation row .

Hollywood Music Festival 1970 new info on film footage of the Grateful Dead and recollections

Phun City Six new photos from the Mick Farren inspired extravagonzo of 1970,photos of bands and new recollections.

Resurrected - the lost 8mm Bath stills 1970- didn't even realise they were missing till I checked the link today... oops....

Stonehenge Free festival 1984- site maps and newsletter

Bath Festival 1970- New photos of Pink Fairies, many great new crowd shots

Smokey Bears Picnic 1980-81 Photos and posters from the infamous Smoke In's at Hyde Park

Greenham Common photos 1981

Elephant Fayre photos 1982

Elephant Fayre recollections-85-86

Glastonbury Festival 1985 new photos showing more mud! Recollections about the mud !

Glastonbury Festival 1982- new photos and recollections added

Glastonbury Festival 1984- new page on the 84 bash with two photos of John Martyn onstage -BUT we need more photos of 83 and 84 !

Glastonbury Festival 1983- new photo on the 83 page - BUT we need more photos of 83 and 84 !

Stonehenge Free Festival 1981 lots of new big photos , 1980-82 page has been split into two to accomodate the new material

Stonehenge Free Festival 1984- new Nik Turner and Hawkwind pix

Hyde Park Concert 6-29-74 Kevin Coyne Band stills.

Glastonbury Festival 1981   First Glastonbury of the 80s - more new pictures of Mother Gong and other acts

Edinburgh Rock Festival Ingliston 1979

Loch Lomond Rock Festival 1979-80

Psilocybin Free festival 1979-1980 new recollections to accompany our recent photo update

Cissbury Ring Free festival 1980- new recollections to go with our recent photo update

Bickershaw Festival DVD news  At last , 100 minutes of footage from the famous mudbath of the North !

The semi - legendary Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989- one of the last major UK free festivals of the 80s

The Who ,Parkhead -Glasgow 1976 Excellent new photos of the crowd .

Glastonbury Festival 1990 at last, we've nearly completed the whole decade . Only 1984 to do .two :)

Glastonbury Festival 1989 new page on the 89 festy, with new photos ,setlists

Glastonbury Festival 1987 new page on the 87 event, with new photos ,setlists and recollections

Glastonbury Festival 1986 new page on the 86 weekend, with new photos ,setlists and recollections

Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe A message from the esteemed TUMT sage Razvan !

Glastonbury Fayre 1979 - New photos Peter Gabriel and Steve Hillage

Glastonbury Fayre 1971- New photos and link to external photogallery

Glastonbury Festival 1982 new pages

Photo of site and stage Stonehenge Free festival 1975

National Jazz and Blues festival 1965. Many new pix of Graham Bond, Moody Blues, Steampacket , T Bones, Animals and Georgie Fame

Elephant Fayre 1984-86    Huge swag of photos of the 84 and 86 festival , updates on 84-85

Windsor Free Festival 1974 - photos of police action

Yes, Gryphon and Ace - Stoke on Trent 1975- photos

News about film footage of 9-20-69 Hyde Park Concert- Soft Machine, Edgar Broughton, etc

Ashton Court Free Festival 1980 photos of Nik Turners Inner City Unit

Elephant Fayre 1981-83 - many new photos.We do need reports and pix for 1984-86

The lost Hyde park concert -sometime in 1968- Roy Harper, Action and others - excellent pix .

Glastonbury Fayre 1979- large update with many photos of Mother Gong, Sphynx and the site

Polgooth Fayre 1979 - photos and poster

Ashton Court Free Festival 1978-79 Photos of Steve Hillage and Here and Now

Stonehenge Free festival- new photos from 1980

Stonehenge Free festival- new photos from 1979

Jan 2007

Seasalter Free festival 1976- new photos

Stonehenge Free festival- new photos from 1984 and improved site navigation in general (I hope )

Elephant Fayre 1981 St Germans Cornwall -New . 82-86 to come soon !

Isle Of Wight 1970-New photographs of site and stage

Reading Rock festival 1980 : new recollections and photos. #

Blenheim Palace festival 1967 New

Midsummer Nights Dream . Burton Constable Hall Nr Hull 1968 New

International Love In Alexandra Palace 1967 New

Magical Mystery Tour - Roundhouse 1968 New

Festival of the Flower Children Woburn 1967 extensive photo and info updates

Medicine Ball Caravan .Canterbury 1970 New

Jerry Garcia At The Bickershaw festival 1972

Bath festival of Blues 1969 memoirs

Nov 2006

Many new photos of the Blind Faith concert in Hyde Park 1969

More Photos from the 1970 Isle of Wight festival

We are particularly pleased to have established links with a major archives of professional photographs taken by Robert Ellis of Repfoto and Alan Perry . Many of the latest additions include photos from these archives, which are well worth a visit and are being constantly updated.

# Indicates Repfofo images used with permission

Sept 2006

Windsor Free festival recollections

Bath 1970: new photos of Fairport, The Flock and Maynard Ferguson

Camden Fringe Festival 1968 :Setlist and eyewitness reports of Jefferson Airplane , Fairport

Reading 1977 photos

Reading 1978 photo , advert and recollections

Reading 1975 photos and backstage recollections of Robin Trower, McLaughlin and Fripp

Knebworth 74 recollections

Knebworth 8-4-79 new photos

Watchfield free festival 1975 -photos of Strife and Fever .

June 2006

Knebworth 8-11-79 many new photos

Bath Festival of Blues 69-new Zeppelin and crowd photos, info on Deep Blues Band

New band photos Charlton 74

May 2006

New photos from Stonehenge 1984

New photos from Stonehenge 1978

New recollections about Bill Ubi Dwyer

New photos Glastonbury Fayre 1979

Gong :Photos from Stoke On Trent 1975

New band photos and recollections Charlton 76 #

Sept 2005

Isle Of Wight festival 1968, report from the drummer of Smile

Knebworth concerts 1979 - big update- new photos

Crystal Palace Garden Party photos Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher #

Bickershaw Festival 1972 many new repfotos #

Buxton 72 74 - new photos #

Deeply Vale Documentary review

Heathfield Free festival 1985 new recollections

Great Western Festival 1972 new recollections #

Reading Rock festival 1980 added #

Reading Rock festival 1979 updated #

Hyde Park free festivals updates 1968, 69 #,70, 71 # and 74

Aug 2005

Watchfield 75 new photos

Windsor 74 :new band photos Voyage and unknown bands

Stonehenge memories and Battle of the Beanfield poem

Oregon setlists

Glastonbury festival 1979 new photographs

to come SOON : major new additions to: Bala festival, Smokey Bears picnic , more Windsor 74 photos exclusive Gong photos from 1976 and Reading 1974-80

July 2005

Hyde park free concert 9-28-68 report - The Move , Strawbs,Roy Harper, Action, Clouds

Glastonbury festival 1978- new photos

Reading Rock 1974 new photos

Reading Rock 1978, new photos and reports

Oregon Live concert recording database

Meigan Faire 75- new photographs and recollections

June 2005

Blind Faith at Hyde Park 1969-new photos

Isle Of Wight 1970 photos.

Bath 1970 crowd photos-two new batches !.

in the pipeline

Glastonbury festival 1977 drawings and recollections.

in the pipeline

Numerous minor updates to Charlton,

Feb 2005

Blackbushe 1978 -Many new crowd and stage photos .

Great western Festival,- new recollections and exclusive photos .

Jan 2005

Blackbushe 1978 -Many new exclusive Dylan photos .

Free festivals recollections -updates to Rivington Pike, Stonehenge , Watchfield and Glastonbury 77

Dec 2004

Phun city festival- Fairground dome photos.

Nov 2004

Bickershaw festival- Mole Express and new site photos .

Windsor Free festival 1973 new photos from Wiz

Plumpton 1970 New photographs- Deep Purple. ISB, Yes, Colosseum, , Caravan ,Van Der Graaf Generator.

Reading 1976. 1977 sites added - 1978 1979 - more content needed !

Buxton poster 1971 and new recollections.

More Weeley recollections

More Charlton 76 reviews

Aug 2004

Pollwinners concert 9-30-72 - new photos of ELP , Jack Bruce and Genesis

Isle Of Wight 1970. New site photos crowd and canvas city

1969 Bath Festival photos and comments-Blodwyn Pig , Nice and Taste

New Windsor Free Festival photos and comments

Watchfield free festival 1975 New band info and comments

New recollections on Bath 1970 , Charlton ,Bickershaw festivals

Rick Wakeman at Crystal Place

More stuff to come on Knebworth 76 and 78 when time allows as well as new TUMT links and photos

1970 Bath Festival film/video details and comments

Feb 2004

Charlton 76 photos.

Knebworth 75 , 76 and 78 photos .

National Jazz and blues festival 62 -63-64 information

Stonehenge 80 new photos

Stonehenge 78 new photos

Dec 14th 2003

Crystal Palace Garden Party program 1973

Windsor Free Festival 1974- Release Report - Truncheons In The Park

National Jazz and blues festival 1966 program

Stonehenge 76 new photos

Stonehenge 84 -badges and recollections

Stonehenge 83 -badges and recollections

Knebworth 76 , 78 -and 79

Charlton 74 - The Who, Lou Reed, Bad Company , Lindisfarne, Maggie Bell. updates

Grangemouth festival-new recollections .

Great western Festival,- new recollections .

Weeley photos

Bath 1970- more video news

Stonehenge 1975 -The Scattering of Wally Hopes ashes .

Oct 1st 2003

Lots of minor updates too numerous to add here but we have now pages on ......

Windsor free festival 1974 - band and police action photos

Deeply Vale 79 - site photos

Glastonbury Fayre 1979 -photos, FWS report and recollections.

Watchfield free festival 1975 -many more new photos of bands and crowds.

IOW 1970 program

Sept 12th 2003

Poll Winners concert. The Oval 9-30-72 ELP. Genesis, Focus, Wishbone Ash, Argent , Fudd

Rock at the Oval 9-16-72 - Frank Zappa , Hawkwind, Jeff Beck, Man . Linda Lweis, Sam Apple Pie, Biggles, Quiver

Who Put the Boot In Tour 76 Charlton, Glasgow , Swansea .The Who, SAHB. Little Feat,Outlaws, Streetwalkers, Widowmaker .New Sept 2003

Charlton 74 - The Who, Lou Reed, Bad Company , Lindisfarne, Maggie Bell. New Sept 2003

Goodbye Summer - The Oval Sept 1971 - New !

National Jazz festival Plumpton 1970-program

Kendal Pop festival 1973. - New !

Clitheroe Pop Festival 1973 - New !

New photos for IOW 69 ,

National Jazz festival Plumpton 1969

Bolan at Weeley.

Camden Fringe Free festival 5-18-69 and 5-30-69 - New !

Pink Floyd Knebworth 75

Captain Beyond At Bickershaw - New !

Pink Floyd Crystal Palace 1971

Pink Floyd Hyde Park 1970

and many other festivals courtesy of repfoto

April-June 2003

Weeley recollections

Windsor 73-74 recollections

Buxton - new recollections 69-74

IOW 68 reviews and pix

Grangemouth festival-new recollections .

Great western Festival,- new recollections .

Hastings Festival 1967

Reading 73 recollections

Plumpton 1969-new press accounts , recollections and pix

National jazz festival Sunbury 1968 -new reviews. pix and memories

Bickershaw Festival 1972- new band photos and memoires

Bath Festival 1970-new photos

New Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe photos amd recollections from European tours 84/85

Krumlin 1970 - disaster report from Civil Aid

Buxton all nighters 1970

Here and Now photos Deeply Vale 1979

Windsor 74 new photos of stages and bands .

January 2003

UK festivals list 1980-83- New ! Lists of all major muscal outdoor events years 80-83

More Free festival FWS reports ! ,Inglestone, Pickup Bank, Cantlin Stone , Psilly Festival, Ruthin and more !

Stonehenge Free Festival-1980-83-Festival Welfare Service -St Johns Ambulance reports

8th and 9th National Jazz and Blues Festival program

Keswick Free Festival.1980-81- FWS reports and Tibetan memoirs.

Buxton Festival programs 1973/4

Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe- Book of the road 1981. Including Avebury free festival, Henge and Glastonbury .

Kendal Gathering 1971 The Lake Districts first one day festival - another sea of mud !

Windsor 74 free festival - release report

A veritable plethora of Weeley Photographs- PA details ,crowd pix and bands onstage

Glastonbury 77 band performances

Watchfield 75 updates

Stonehenge 76/77 reports and photos

Meigan Faire 75

Nottingham Pop and Blues Festival 1969

Plumpton-5-23-24-70- The forgotten Festival-the OTHER Plumpton festival

Hollywood 1970-film details -the Grateful Dead dose the film crew !

9th National jazz festival.- photos and comments

Grangemouth Festival-New feature

Spalding Flower Festival.-New feature

Krumlin Festival -new photos of crowd, Groundhogs and Pentangle

Many new free festival entries - Molesworth, Harlow, Cleeve, Rivington Pike, etc.

Knebworth 75 recollections , photos and Floyd Info

Buxton Festival 73 photographs

Windsor Free festival new photos

Seasalter free festival report

Free festival FWS reports , Glastonbury 77, Deeply Vale , Stonehenge, 77, 78, 79

National Jazz and Blues festival 62 ,66,70

Weeley festival crowd photos and recollections

July 2002 updates

National Jazz and Blues festival 1968

Isle of Wight 1970 - new photos

Hyde park festivals 1969, new photos

Stonehenge 1982 - new photos of site.

Watchfield 75 - site pass.

Phun City - new poster.

Great Western festival- new ads

Knebworth 75 Pink Floyd info

June 2002 updates

Greenham Common and the peace convoy

National Jazz and Blues festivals 1968 and 1975

Pink Floyd - Roundhouse 12-31-66

Weeley festival 1971- recordings, recollections

Bath festival 1970 -new photos and recollections, video details

Glastonbury Free festival 1977 /78- PA Details

The Free Festivals- 1970-1985 ( update June 2002). -Stonehenge 1978 , Watchfield 75 , Rougham Tree Fair , Glastonbury 77/78.

May 2002 updates

Acidia Lightshow

Tibetan Ukranian Mountain Troupe photos and first Book of the Road 1980-82

Sunbury 1968- photos of stage, crowd and walkway collapse, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull