Frank Zappa photo archive

by © Marcel Just ,RM and Pavel "detritus" B.

The dynamic duo shot 5 rolls of black and white images of Franks set , capturing some rare moments .Pavel was the recipient of the photos many years later and as their present guardian has kindly given permission for us to use them here.

The photographs are in chronological order starting at the beginning of the set.

Please respect the fact that we are allowed to host these great photos and refrain from any commerical exploitation. Copyright is retained by the owners.















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Ross Mortimore's streaming Quicktime movie of the crowd features clear images of the stage PA , Colosseum onstage and bikers with Canned Heat at Bath as a soundtrack provided courtesy of Bob C .

Bandwidth and copyright restrictions mean we cant host audio/video so you will have to do with stills at the moment until we can do an alternative stream elsewhere. Please don't bug us to add it , we will do it when we have the time.

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