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Formatted at 1280 X 1024 res or higher -.Created June 2007.

Updated May 2009 new recollections

The Loch Lomond Rock Festival

Cameron Wildlife Park, Balloch, Dumbartonshire.


June 21st 1980

The Chords, Bad Manners, The Cuban Heals, The Only Ones, Ra Bears, The Regents, Punishment of Luxury , Stiff Little Fingers, The Tourists ,The Jam.

June 22nd 1980

Red Ellis, The Henry Gorman Band, Wild Horses, Lindisfarne, The Ian Gillan Band, Krokus, The Denny Laine Band, Saxon ,Wishbone Ash.

Loch Lomond 6-22-80 Bernie Torme onstage © Paul Brannigan

Wishbone Ash promo ballooon © Paul Brannigan

Local band Underhand Jones . Loch Lomond 1980

Krokus onstage Loch Lomond 1980 © Paul Brannigan

     Not a lot of info available for this one as yet. It appears that the promoters went for a two way split of more " New Wave " bands on the Saturday and a heavier mix on the Sunday, it also gave a fair few local bands a chance to show off their potential to a large audience. We have managed to find a couple of quotes from the Glasbands forum , which gives an idea of what the first day was like , it rained again the first day , but weather was good on the Sunday . Attendance was worse than expected probably why the festival was not held again in 1981. The promoter was John Caulfield .

Bad Manners onstage June 21st 1980 © Stuart Campbell

Stuart remembers : There were lots of violent pitched battles between Mods and Skins (esp the night before the gig but also during the Bad Manners performance). When Bad Manners were on stage - the Skins assumed a position to the left of the stage where there was a small hill (just out of view of the shot). As the set progressed they launched several assaults on the crowd below as well as raining (thankfully empty) beer cans and bottles on us from their vantage point.


Signing autographs

Left : Fernando Van Arp and Biff.                                                               Right Ian Gillan © Paul Brannigan

I can remember some things about this gig very well. The band list was as follows in no particular order;
Red Ellis, Henry Gorman band, Denny Laine, Saxon. Wild Horses, Gillan, Wishbone Ash and Krokus.

There were not that many people there, probably because Reading was not that far off in August. Memorable things for me were the way most band members were at ease in mingling with the crowd, I caught Marc Storace under a tree watching and got his autograph (In the picture he saw us in the crowd which was nice), and an altercation between John McCoy and Ian Gillan on stage.

They started pogo dancing and then shoulder charging each other! There was only going to be one winner there. You can see the picture below where McCoy is going down, (during the encores) When he did it was concert over.

The worst thing about this concert was that we lost our autograph book, :(
Hope whoever "found" it enjoyed it.....

Paul Brannigan

© Paul Brannigan

Henry Gorman Band © Paul Brannigan

Lindisfarne © Paul Brannigan

Those were the days. My 1st festival in 1980 at the grand old age of 16. The Saturday (possibly Friday) was very gray and dreek and I can clearly remember watching Bad Manners from through the fence at the back. They were a lot of people watching from the back fence. I could obviously only afford a one day ticket. Sad as it seems I also caught SLF, The Tourists and the Jam from the same fence. From the fence I believe I stayed at the local youth hostel.

The Sunday (possibly Saturday) was a bit brighter. There were certainly the odd showers and people playing in the mud, just like the pictures you'd seen on the telly. I can't even remember eating or going to the toilet. Perhaps I only started doing these things as I got older. I don't even remember taking any drugs or drink. More likely I had so much that my memories been distorted. I remember standing at the fence by the back stage area collecting signatures from Gillan , Saxon etc. I actually went on to meet Saxon about 10 times but this must have been my 1st meet. The name was 'Beastie' back then if anyone from Saxon remembers me from Glasgow gigs.

For all these years I've felt guilty about spilling some old guys beer during Lindisfarne. The whole audience changed and increased in age for this set. If you ever read this, I'm still sorry. At least I now understand why the ring pulls were removed. I should have left my skateboard at home.
I actually left before Wishbone Ash but I do remember enjoying most of the other bands. I thought they were gay rock back then. Not metal enough for me. I probably needed to catch the last train or something
Thanks for the memories


Wild Horses © Paul Brannigan

Saxon © Paul Brannigan

The stage © Paul Brannigan

Marc Storace © Paul Brannigan

6-22-80 .Photos © David H

Great site and I love the photos.
Can I please add that I was at both concerts, and at one of them there was a guy actually inside the roundabout toilet who had dropped his watch inside. He couldn't get out and was covered in excrement. I never found out what happened to him..
Also there was a guy who was feeding the bears raw meat I saw inside the bear enclosure, those were the days..
The security guards were in their towers too, keeping an eye on us. I felt like I was in a concentration camp!
One other thing,

A plane organised by the event flew overhead dropping little parachutes,hundreds of them, with something inside that no one knew what it was. They ALL ended up in the no go area, the swamp, in the middle of the area inside the ground. This area was covered in really thick mud and bear shit with some kind of caves at the back. Some guys ran into it and quickly sank in the mire. One guy I spoke to who had been there and retrieved one told me inside the parachute was a sweet ! Someone was having a laugh, probably the pilot!Very funny.
Thanks for the site.

Alistair Emery

All was well between the rival tribes strangely united by The Chords - a 'Mod' band with a decidedly 'new wave' sound. The SLF fans in the crowd seemed happy enough with their music if not their clothes, and a good reception enabled them to nip back onstage to steal an unplanned encore.

Such is festival etiquette that this meant all subsequent bands should also take a bow. Unfortunate, as next up were Bad Manners. In the subsequent 20 years I’ve never seen a worse performance than the ‘set’ from Buster and pals - a while before they became a lovably eccentric British institution and Buster became a hotelier. Tuneless, feckless, they were downright awful.

Of course, come the end of their set, the DJ - Clyde legend Brian Ford, if memory serves - somewhat desperately asked the question "do you want some more Bad Manners?" Together, with one voice, shoulder to shoulder, the punks, mods and anyone else with ears replied "No! Fuck off!"

They came back on anyway to be met by a hail of bottles, cans, rocks and leftover bearshit. Stray missiles hit the already traumatised bystanders, and pitched battles ensued, like 1960s Brighton. Except for the rockers being punks. And Brighton being a muddy Scots field.

Fortunately, the Tourists took the stage and the fighters lapsed into a coma at Annie Lennox’s horribly miscast powerpop. The Jam managed to reunite the crowd as punks and mods saw their heroes, who, if memory serves, played 'Going Underground' for the first time ever.


Festival program

Loch Lomond Rock Festival.
I was there. Only for the Saturday as New Wave was my thing. There were four of us up from Lancaster University and we must have been 18. I remember it was a day of extreme emotions: fear, joy, tiredness, fear, anger, and a bit more fear.
Fear: - it was war for most of the day: Scottish punks v Scottish skins. Bottles, sticks, fists... at one point a fire raged, the cops and fire brigade arrived to curb the worst aspects, but the fighting ebbed and flowed through much of the day.
Anger: - I was the only black guy at the concert. I felt a thump in the back, and thought: "here we go". As I got up, a big lad stumbled on about 5 steps, fell flat on his face, vomited, quivered and stayed there for the rest of the day. I thought; "let him die!".
Joy: - the best sets for me were the Tourists, SLF and the Jam. SLF actually stopped the fighting with their rendition of the Specials 'It doesn't make it alright'. It kicked off again immediately afterwards. The Jam were the last act, in time for the setting sun. By then, the gangs had fought themselves into submission, and the boys produced a set that will live in my memory forever.
Tiredness: - we all fell asleep in the car going back. All of us. I was driving and woke up on the motorway inches behind a lorry. Scratch 1 life.

Thanks for the memories.
Richard Huggins


Looks like hardly anyone could be bothered to smuggle in a tapedeck under the sporran, we have only been able to find a recording of the Jam so far, does anyone else know of more sets recorded ?

The Jam 6-21-80 Loch Lomond Rock Festival Audience . Low c quality 64 minutes

1. Thick As Thieves
2. Saturday's Kids
3. To Be Someone
4. Burning Sky
5. Pretty Green
6. Start!
7. Going Underground
8. Mr Clean
9. Private Hell
10. The Dreams Of Children
11. Smithers - Jones
12. Little Boy Soldiers
13. But I'm Different Now
14. When You're Young
15. The Eton Rifles
16. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
17. Strangetown
18. The Modern World
19. 'A' Bomb In Wardour Street
20. All Mod Cons
21. David Watts

Wishbone Ash ? © David H

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