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Torpedo Town Free Festival.

The "Ozrics" superjam 1986

Brambles Farm , Old Park Farm , Wickham and Bramdean Common's .

Near Waterlooville - Hampshire.

1991- Liphook, Hampshire.

1992-Otterbourne Hampshire.

1984 -1992.


"Although it’s listed as the ozrics – it’s a jam with people from a few bands – Gav from the Ullulators / Oroonies / Ozrics – Phil from Webcore, Kay from the Ullulators, Tig (Nick Van Gelder) the ozrics drummer who even played for Jamiroqoi – however you spell it – Roly from the ozrics and more...."

Steve Bubble

Ozric Tentacles at Torpedo Town 86 .All photos on this page © Nick Van Gelder



it was supposed to be Ozrics... but Ed was away in spain with his new girlfiend of the time - Blim (Belinda Baker) she did all the swirly artwork they were famous for (including one of my guitars!) Anyway...So we just had a jam.. not 'really' ozrics.. i'd left the band by then to do Ullulators with Joie Hinton, (but then got roped back in to do Bass for a yr when Roly lost it and no one else knew the trax cos they were so complicated... another story!... Ed grovelling at the door of Joies flat in Clapham... PPLLEEEAAASSSEE Do the gig... tonite!!!!.. Funny!))

Anyway.. it was Phil Pickering from Webcore on Bass (roly was there too and they shared) Me on guitar, tig (Nick VG) on Drums, Andy on keys..Hi Man!!.. Long time ;~)... what's funny is Jumping John was driving the hire Van in those days.. he only started playing flute for them much later!!... a mate (John Malby) recorded this gig.. and it went on an Ullulator tape.. we called the track "Bruce babbling in the undergrowth" Because sitting next to John with his cassette recorder was Bruce, another mate... who kept babbling through the gig and it's on tape... I think he was on shrooms.. surprise!!... put the pics & music together and you would have a trully interactive A/V experience.. 80's festival style!!

Cheers. Gavin ;~)





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  • Windsor Peoples Free Festival 1972-74
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