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Updated July 2021

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The Trentishoe Whole Earth Fayres.


    Situated in North Devon , in Exmoor , this peaceful little festival was supposedly held between the years 1972-76, with no event taking place in 1974. Records of the 1972 festival are sparse, and it may merely have consited of a small caravan of freaks who camped out and decided the area was a cool place to hold a freakout .

   The 1973 festival lasted for several weeks and was held on the 800 ft cliffs at Trentishoe. The festival continued at Trentishoe in 1975 ( although at the moment we can't actually find any documnetary evidence to support this ) but the site was no longer available in 76, so the event was shifted at short notice to Pinkerly Field near Simonsbath , where the festival goers had a good reception from locals . Although held at a different venue the event was still called the Trentishoe festival .

  For unknown reasons this was the last year of the festival, possibly because of the increasing popularity of Stonehenge as a venue .

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