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Created Feb 2008 .Updated June 2009

Bilbo Baggins Birthday Party.

( being a benefit for The Travellers School )

Clyro Court

Hay on Wye.





   The Skool bus was a project created by elements in the Traveller community who wished to provide a stable, fun, school environment for traveller children, by 1988, this was a converted truck which had been cleaned up and funded by a group called the Traveller School Charity which had been formed in the late 80s. Because the organisation had charitable status , it was possible to raise funds tax free to keep the vehicle running, and the usual suspects ( Roy Harper , Nick Turner and Hawkwind ) offered their services to help raise funds.

A previous festival " Aktivator" held earlier in Sept 1988, had raised £2000 and Clyro Court raised a similar amount, not bad for a bunch of hippies !

Visit Tash's page about the Travellers School Charity .

Decker Lyns Cafe at Clyro Court 1988

Photo© Traveller Dave

vist his cool site to see many more photos of Free festival Vehicles and sites from the late 80s and early 90s

The Skool Bus- ex Welsh Tourist Board vehicle at Bilbo Baggins birthday bash Clyro Court 1988 © Traveller Dave

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Setlists and recordings

Roy Harper

It doesn't appear that a recording exists of Harper's set, but heres a likely setlist

Commune, Frozen Moment, Back To The Stones, Playing Prison, Loony On The Bus, Another Day, Highway Blues, Tom Tiddler's Ground, Government Surplus, I Hate The White Man, Garden Of Uranium, Twelve Hours Of Sunset, Pinches Of Salt, One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2-10), Descendants Of Smith ,Jack Of Hearts.


a recording exists : B grade audience
Intro; Starflight; Ejection; Master Of The Universe; Dragons And Fables;
Angels Of Death; Lost Chronicles; Needle Gun; Levitation; Paranoia;
Levitation; Brainstorm; Shot Down In The Night; Silver Machine

Dave Brock, Huw Lloyd Langton
Alan Davey, Mick Kirton
Harvey Bainbridge,Nik Turner

Clyro Court 1989

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