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Peoples Free festival.

Chobham .

August Bank Holiday 1977


A very sparsely attended do, after the short lived euphoria generated by the provision of the free festival site provided by the Government in 1975 at Watchfield , the failiure to negotiate a new site for a free festival in 1976 led to confusion and to a repetition of the usual repressive activities beloved by the soulless drones that constituted the "powers that be" . Basically , Chobham was another "Windsor alternative ", where folks congegated at an obscure site because the police presence at Windsor was too heavy to set up a gathering of any kind.

Went myself .Neat site on the top of a small hill with a stream and woods nearby.Mist one night gathered all roumd site so that stood on top of hill it lloked like you  could walk out over the top of the clouds. Not many bands but people kept each other ammused as excellent supply of oil kept me at least giggling for 8 days.

Clare Broderick .

Nothing much happened this year with the bad memories of Windsor 74 keeping people away. Somehow or other I ended up borrowing the parents car and driving. I forget how but after driving round the area, I ended up in a drum circle on Chobham Common. The common is a large area of scrub gorse and bush on a well drained sandy soil. We were quiet and well away from any houses so although the police were present, they left us alone. There was a certain amount of paranoia as I left and drove very slowly home trying to make it without buying any petrol but it passed.

Julian Bond

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  • Windsor Peoples Free Festival 1972-74
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