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Cannabis Law Reform Rally .

Brockwell Park Brixton.

Sun 23rd May 1982.

   Nice picture of the Cannabis Law reform rally in Brockwell park Brixton 1982 with Nik Turners pyramid which had seen good service at Stonehenge. with a link up between a wicked turbo sound rig with Jah Shaka ,Coxsone, king Sounds and DBC´s boxes all connected in a huge horseshoe. Even Tony Banks came up to shake hands with the organisers backstage.

    The African styled Ekome dance troupe from Bristol were lined up to play but unfortunately because of the huge numbers of people on stage the base collapsed and the centre of the stage caved in , fortunately it was only about 2ft 6in off the ground so nobody was hurt.

    A day of sunshine and showers and
a big thumbs up to the decriminalization of the cannabis user. About 5000 people turned up.

2002´s version looks well cool..And with the real possibilty of a reclassification of this mild intoxicant to a more enlightened approach to it´s status and availability for medical, social and industrial use.LONDON CANNABIS ACTION: Sat 4th May 2002
The 4th Annual Cannabis March and Festival: Dance on the Grave of Cannabis Prohibition.
. Carnival Style March from KENNINGTON PARK to Brockwell Park. Meet at noon.
Bring costume, banners, drums, laughter.
. Free Festival in Brockwell Park from 1pm with Speakers Tent, Hemp Expo
Marquee, Medical Marijuana Tent, Kids Area with Swingboats, Stalls, Hemp
Food, Hemp Beer, Samba Band, Floats and more.
. Main Stage - The Headmix Collective, Momo, The Trojans, Charged, Maximum
Roach, Deknology plus very special guests to be announced.
. Live Hip Hop Tent - Homegrown, Usual Suspects featuring Leonardo, Mud
Family & Skinny Man , Sun Records featuring Deftex DJís, Deknology, Dekfx,
Asetate Records, TMS Crew.
. Brixton Stage - live sounds from Hoover Pitman, Frightnight, The Fish
Brothers, Assi Rose, Ex Cathedra, Dubmerge, Headjam plus more on the day.
. Access All Areas Dance Marquee, from the home of London's techno
underground with Aaron Liberator, Zebedee, Bruiser, Karl & Geezer live, DAVE
The Drummer live, Kris K, Edit live, Gizelle.
. DVant - Ska, breaks, house mish mash.
. Conscious dub and roots - RDK Mannaseh and Negusa Nagast
. The Purple Turtle - live bands and hard house madness later
. BASS Brighton Alliance of Sound Systems - the best of the Brighton
. Femi9 Product - gurly beatz of a garage and dub nature.
. Squall - funky house, latin, breaks and more from the Squall posse.
. Aardvark and Pirate TV - team up for a visual sonic meltdown.
. chimaera sound system - progressive house to trance warming up for a
summer outdoors.
. Speakeasy Collective - folk to punk to funk to soul with sofas and table
. SLS - random collective of South London anarchists providing chill out,
info and hot drinks
+ Speakers Tent, Hemp Expo Marquee, Medical Marijuana Tent, Kids Area with
Swingboats, Stalls, Hemp Food, Hemp Beer, Samba Band, Floats and more.
TRANSPORT: March starts at Kennington Park, Kennington Tube, Northern Line.
Festival is at Brockwell Park, Brixton, Brixton Tube, Victoria Line or Herne
Hill Thameslink.
CONTACTS: email: Tel: 020 7737 3044. 020 7267


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