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Last update Nov 2018- new pix Led Zeppelin, Keef Hartley, John Peel and Colosseum .

Bath Recreation Ground .

June 28th 1969.

After a two and a half year layoff, 2018 prompted me to update as we had a number of new images coming in one after another from Melvin Green, Peter Clinick and Nigel Hall. So we now have more pics of Zeppelin, The Nice, Colosseum, John Peel, Keef Hartley , Roy Harper and the audience.Thanks to all our contributors, you are , as they say in Yorkshire...., champion !

Flyer courtesy Bob Hewish

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   At long last some recordings of the festival have come to light, both audio and visual ! A guy armed with a 8 mm camera filmed about 18 minutes of various bands onstage and there are also audio portions of the sets by the Nice, Fleetwood Mac,Ten Years After ,Blodwyn Pig and Colosseum, that are generally fairly listenable - which we have been kindly given by the promoters Freddie and Wendy Bannister. More details here at the Recordings page .

Bath Festival, June 28th 1969 8mm cine film.
    Thanks to our friends over at Tight But Loose for these screen shots of a recently discovered 8mm silent cine film taken at the Bath ’69 festival. An interview with the filmer and more screen shots will appear in the next issue of the Led Zeppelin Tight But Loose (issue 21). Visit for more details.



If you have photos, recollections, set lists, reports or tapes of the event then Contact us and we'll add them to the site. 


If you have photos, recollections, set lists, newspaper reports or tapes of the event then email us and we'll add them to the site. Contact us

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Bands in order of appearance.(l to R)

Just Before Dawn.
Roy Harper.
Keef Hartley.
Edgar Broughton
Liverpool Scene. 
Champion Jack Dupree.
Chicken Shack. 
Blodwyn Pig  
The Nice
Led Zeppelin
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre.

John Mayall

Bands listed below most probably did not perform

Group Therapy.


Bath 69 reviews and recording information

8mm Film

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    All Bath festival fans will want to read the new book by Bath promoter Freddie Bannister about the 69 and 70 festivals. Its called " JUST BROKEN EVEN " -click on the photo to view more details and to learn how to purchase the limited edition before it sells out .

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