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Bath Recreation Ground .

June 28th 1969.

After a two and a half year layoff, 2018 prompted me to update as we had a number of new images coming in one after another from Melvin Green, Peter Clinick and Nigel Hall. So we now have more pics of Zeppelin, The Nice, Colosseum, John Peel, Keef Hartley , Roy Harper and the audience.Thanks to all our contributors, you are , as they say in Yorkshire...., champion !

Flyer courtesy Bob Hewish

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Deep Blues Band

   Hey what a knock out to come across a link to your site on
I'm just roaring!!!  I remember it so well the biggest gig I'd done.  I remember dear old (or rather young!!) John Peel down at the front of the stage ...but had no idea who he was, just some geezer from that 'crummy' radio station, Radio One.  (Later I was an avid Peel fan of course.)

     I was the drummer of the Deep Blues Band at the Bath Blues fest, and somewhere I do have photos of me setting my drums up (taken by the Bath Evening Chronicle to the Chronic Bath "evening all" as I call it!!!)    It's not that I'm so vain, more that I was reading an article about the debate on where to hold the next festival  in the aforementioned  local rag a year or so after the event, and noticed a picture of some hairy git setting up a drumkit and......... it was Me!!!   So I went to them and asked for copies.

  The singer of the Deep  was Keith Jones from Cardiff and the bassist was Lyndon ("Fuck I") Johnson (Fender Jazz) from Newport(Gwent).   The Two guitarists were Pete (Cherry Gibson SG)  & Butch ( Sunburst Gibson 335 ) both from Bristol. The name of the  pianist escapes me. Last but not least me, Dave Morris,  the left handed right footed drummer from Bath, on black Premier kit. (The groupies were Welsh scrubbers!!)
all the very best to you,
Dave Morris.

HI there
i just read a piece by Dave Morris who was drummer with the Deep Blues Band at the time. He got a few things wrong
Keith Jones (me) was in fact from Newport but living in Bristol at the time

The bass player was Lyndon Parry (not Johnson) and he played a fender precision bass ( which he still has by the way)

Pete Emery was the lead guitarist, (he has recently been touring with the Dave Kelly band)

Rob 'butch' Freeman was the other guitar player in the Deep, he married my cousin later so i still see him now and then.

The keyboard play was Bob Thompson - i do know he was the deputy organist at Bristol cathedral.

We were supposed to go on second on the day, but due to bands turning up late and political maneuvering we went on first. We played for well over our allocated time. a little guy kept popping up behind the stage and shouted for us to keep going 'as no bugger had turned up'.
if anybody knows where I can contact dave Morris please let me know
Keith Jones VOX and harp for the deep
p.s. Exactly 25 years later we reformed for a series of anniversary gigs in the bristol area - except for Bob and Dave Morris cos we lost touch with them?


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