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Stage 1.

Sunday 2-18-01.

Taikoz performing on stage One , around about noon.

      Stage One was the largest of the seven performance areas. It was also one of the hottest , as there is very little shade in front of the stage until about 6;30 at night , when it gradually creeps out and provides a welcome respite from the blazing sun. When this photo was taken it was already around 35c and climbing .

    It eventually hit 39c in ths shade , although there were patches of cloud throughout the afternoon , which kept things fairly tolerable , and occasionally a puff or two of breeze- very nice when they happened, but they just did not happen frequently enough.

   Crowds began to build up for Soukous Ba Congo, who got the crowd up and dancing despite the heat. Taikoz were very good, but they did not provide the degree of infectious groove and raw energy that would prompt folks to get up and dance in the broiling sun. Soukous Ba Congo did just this a wee bit later on in the afternoon , aided by their charismatic frontman- King Bell.

Stage one , scene of some hot acts.

     Stage One was also the place where most of the BIG acts got to strut their stuff- the heavyweight acts like Papa Wemba, Pato Banton and the Afro Celt Sound System - who took to the stage purposefully and drove the crowd into a frenzy of waving , leaping and clapping throughout much of their set, as you can see right . The best act to appear on this stage in my humble opinion , but I think it might be shared by many of those who were there with me .

     A great show and a great crowd ,they really were plugged into the music but in a very respectful way , very few people talked during this set and lots of people danced with a great deal of exuberance and joy at the formidable melange of sound the band created for the 70 minutes they were onstage ..

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