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    Many will disagree with me I know, but I hold to the adage that at any music performance , the audience are as important as the performers in establishing atmosphere . Many a show has failed to reach its potential because of a cold or indifferent audience and the wise perfromer will do their best to involve the audience and make them feel that they are an integral part of the event , not just spectators. WomAdelaide audiences are generally great crowds, they are eager to become part of the process . They seem to sense when its cool to to sit and watch respectfully and when its appropriate to get down and party !

    With this in mind, these following pages are a tribute to the Womad 2001 audiences. Let me know if you are in any of the pictures and what it felt like to be there and I will add your comments to the pages..

Audience Photographs


Richard Thompson crowd 2-18-01

2-18-01 Crowds .

  Sensible Crowds huddling in shade  

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