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4-6th March 2005 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.

Lojo play under the tree, one of the most magical of all Womadelaide moments ever © Jurgen

      The wet one, the first ever. Normally, if any weather is normal in this globally warmed century , Womadelaide is HOT, but this was an aberration, it rained quite a lot on the Friday and was quite cool all weekend .However, it wasn't heavy rain and I quite enjoyed the novelty of standing out in the rain which fell vertically, gently and steadily , with no appreciable wind. So although I was soaked to the skin by the end of the night , I was still warm and very happy and I expect most other attendees were as well.

     It was a very good weekend, the best acts were really great and even the weakest of the others were ok. More details in our review of the festival. Below we have a small selection of images for your enjoyment, have fun perusing the site !

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