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   WOMADELAIDE stands for the World Of Music and Dance festival , which was held bi-annually in Adelaide, South Australia until 2003 and which has been an annual event ever since.The event is held our wonderful Botanic Park, which is situated right in the middle of the parklands which surround the city centre. Its a fantastic festival setting , just about the best I've ever seen ( and I've been to quite a few festivals in my time.)   


   The festival was held at the end of February until 2001 but has since switched to the beginning of March . Its always been held over three days, but in 1998 a one day festival was held to coincide with the Adelaide Arts festival at Mclaren Vale ,which is in the wine growing area outside Adelaide. This did not continue, as it was not a financial success, but the festival is firmly placed to continue in the Botanic Park until 2019 at least . The scuttlebutt is that the festival may be now held over four days since there is a public holiday on the Monday and there will be another festival held near Strathalbyn in October on a permanent site.

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