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9-11th March 2007 .Botanic Park. Adelaide.



Blue King Brown

All Photos this page © Ianto F

   The 2007 WomAdelaide festival was pretty warm , but we survived as usual and had a good weekend that was full of surprises .

      Friday was around 35 C , Saturday was muggy and warm and it was more civilised on Sunday with temps in the low 30s , perhaps less. I'm relying on my increasingly dodgy memory as I've only just put these pages together a year on , so things are a little blurred.

  This was a Womad with a lot of highs ( and they were REALLY high ) and also a few lows. The good acts were stunning, but there were also a few more than average acts, that really just were not up to par. The big acts like Salif Keita and Femi Kuti helped swell numbers attending, as did the new policy of getting a fair few good acts to only perform once , which would ensure that more punters would get weekend tickets as they would be better value. This has paid off as all the weekend tickets sold out in advance in 2008 ! There were very large audiences for 2007 and theres no sign of Womadelaide running out of steam anywhere in the near future, with many interstate visitors arriving and new converts every year.

Our old Favourite eating and drinking hole- Buddhas Bowl

Photo © Ianto

   The highlights for us were Irish band Lunasa , who played three times and were magnificent throughout, Shivkumar Sharma, Selif Keita, Femi Kuti, The Gotan Project , Fat Freddie's Drop , Yasmin Levy and also the All Star Jam, which was for once, just fantastic. Perhaps Billy Cobham had something to do with it !

   Disappointments were the Mahotella Queens, (who I had seen way back when Mahlathini was still alive, they just did not seem to have the same drive they had a decade ago), Sambasunda , Etran Finitawa -a poor mans copy of Tinariwen , Lila Downs and Mariza . There were times when I just wandered around the village as there was no act that really turned me on, which is pretty rare at Womad, still, it was a more relaxed affair in that respect and there's always lots to do on the rare occasion that the music doesn't appeal....

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