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Dissolution of the festival Mandala.

Gyoto Monks.


    The Monks were wonderful. This was the ultimate way to end the festival ,I found their chanting was a perfect medium by which to unwind after the frenetic drumming and dancing that had taken place around stage one . It seemed as though the monks suspended time for a little while as they sang . The ceremony was held to dissolve the mandala the monks had created to celebrate the festival .Of particular note was the fact that the crowd of several thousand were completely silent throughout, we were all completely mesmerised by this music .At the end of the set the applause was sustained and totally sincere. As they stood absorbing the applause ,the looks of contentment on the monks faces was a joy to behold. A very special ending to the weekend .

    Unfortunately their stage was very dimly lit and without a tripod ( and not wishing to wreck the incredible atmosphere with the crassness of a flash shot ) I could only get blurred time-lapse shots of their set.

The making of the Mandala in honour of the Womadelaide festival..

Photo Ian Fry

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