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Hot Tuna at Bath © Kenny Feuerman contact

Hot Tuna at Bath .


Jorma Kaukonen -Lead Guitar, vocals

Jack Cassady - bass

Marty Balin-vocals, 

Joey Covington-drums. 

Paul Ziegler -rhythm.

Set list.

Baby What You Want Me To Do
Come Back Baby
Whatever The Old Man Does Is Always Right
Up Or Down
Star Track
You Wear Your Dresses Too Short

74 minutes.

   There is some doubt as to the exact date on some lists on the net, with some observers stating it is from the 29th,but we have now established that the show began at around 10:50 on the 28th, as the time is mentioned during the second song on the aud tape.

     This was a VERY strong show, played with great gusto.Marty Balin took vocals on some tracks and whilst he is a bit frantic at times , he certainly gives it the works. Personally I prefer Jorma's vocals,which are featured on Come Back Baby as Balin makes this more like an Airplane than a Tuna set. Jack and Jorma are as usual, phenomenal, Jack in particular is all over the place , Jorma is shredding on the opening track ,as well as on Up or Down  and You Wear Your Dresses Too Short which are probably  the highlights of the set, with very extended jams and solos.

Jack Cassady and nude , this is probably from the Tuna Set, but might be from the Airplanes stint .© Derek Halsall.

    Till recently I only had a very poor quality audience tape of this show,copies of which have been in circulation for years amongst Tuna collectors and which was less than 45 minutes long. The sound came in and out due to the windy conditions and there was some distortion , graded a C with patches of D quality .However,I now have a newer tape from a taper who has never traded his copy before and this is a great improvement, theres much less distortion, improved bass and vocals, well worth a listen for those who have a copy from the old source.The new tape is nearer B quality, although there are still few distortions here and there. Its also 75 minutes long ,which is due to there being two other songs NOT on the previous tape. Its definitely the same show , as there are no breaks in recording throughout and I know the taper who recorded the master.  There was a cut in the final song ,
You Wear Your Dresses Too Short , which on the new tape is around 28 minutes long and is a great showcase for the talents of Jorma Kaukonen, Tuna's legendary lead guitarist.

  I have only hazy recollections of the brave souls who risked the elements to dance naked on the stage. I was right down the front peering up towards Jorma and Marty and I think the nudes were towards the back of the stage, out of my line of sight. But it definitely happened, as my friend Ian was actually asked by an American to get up there and take off his clothes. Being British ,and sensible, he declined.

I was too busy looking at the band I guess to record the flesh in the old memory banks.

Right : One of the dancing nudes .

© Kenny Feuerman

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