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Canned Heat at Bath.
6-28-70.  6.00am.

Canned Heat wow the early morning crowd at the Bath Festival © Mark Harrison

heat 1

© Jake Matchett.

© Jake Matchett.

Bob " The Bear "Hite -vocals
Al " Blind Owl " Wilson- guitar  /vocals/harmonica 
Adolpho"Fito "De la Parra-drums.
Henry Vestine  - lead guitar. 
Tony de la Barreda. -bass.

   This was the last line-up featuring the late great Al Wilson , I did not see the performance at Bath , but caught the band at Leicester after Al had died.  Bob Hite was a monster on-stage , he could really work a crowd to fever pitch , I clearly remember the stage bouncing up and down at Leicester  as he boogied frantically around the stage , I kept on thinking he might go through it ! A great shame the Bear checked out so young, loss of a great blues shouter and stage personality. The good die young, its not fair!

    Apparently the Heat came on really early in the Sunday morning, so most people missed them , just like I did.

          The tape I have heard of this show is mostly very listenable, theres some minor vocal distortion , but most of the songs are clear and the playing is very good, especially considering how stoned the band were ( something they mention frequently) .

Stills are taken from super rare 8mm footage of Canned Heat onstage at Bath sent to us by Jochen Laschinsky ©

One of the last photos of Al Wilson onstage © Mark Harrison

    The taper attributes the relatively decent sound to the fact that most people near him were asleep and lying down ,plus there was no wind, so his mic could pick up better then many of the other sets he recorded during the weekend. This was one of the longer sets of the festival, clocking in at just over 90 minutes. The 8mm footage of the bands onstage only lasts about 15 seconds or so, but on it you can see Bob Hite jumping as usual , testing out the strength of the stage floorboards !

Stills are taken from super rare 8mm footage of Canned Heat onstage at Bath sent to us by Jochen Laschinsky © .

Roll Me Over Baby 
Reefer Blues. 
Somethings Gotta Go.
Pulling Hair Blues -
(with Al and Fito whilst Henry fixes a string
Human Condition.
Future Blues .
Dollar Blues .
So Sad ( World in a tangle )
Lets Work Together.
We Like to Boogie >
Shake Rattle and Roll.
Encore:You Never Miss Your Water ( till the well runs dry )

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