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John Mayall at Bath.

  A unique Mayall performance, being the only show played by this one off band .

  However, the myth is that this was a scratch band 
rounded up at the last moment by John to honour the commitment to play the show. The music papers declared that Mayall arrived back from North Africa and rang these guys up at the last minute. However, this is highly unlikely as most of the band's line-up are mentioned in the programme , the only difference in the line-up being Rich Grech instead of Larry Taylor on bass.

  The projected  line-up was initially drummerless, presumably ex Mayall and Mothers skinsman Aynsley Dunbar stepped into the drum seat at the last moment 
  However, the Melody Maker said- " completely unrehearsed, they came on stage at 5 am and blasted their way through a set of familiar Mayall material." 

  So where was muggins when this was going on, down the front row ? No way !. I missed this historic event , as I was asleep in one of the movie tents. Rats!
  The tape of the show that I have is initially of very good quality, but the sound gradually degrades as the volume of the PA increases. Rick Grech plays violin on the last two numbers which gives a nice variety to the sound .Mayall begins the show with a tribute to the audience for managing to stay awake for his set after all the traffic jams and foul weather. He then introduces the band and they launch into Might as well be Raining to the accompaniment of ironic chuckles from those near the taper - because of course, as usual - it bloody well was raining!

   This is a good set, around 45 minutes long and the tempo increases at the latter half of the set with some good jams in the final two numbers, Mayall also delivers some tasty harp solos and Peter Green is suitably soulful on the appropriate occasions - although he does not dominate the proceedings to any extent.
John Mayall-  Mouth Harp/guitar/vocal
Peter Green - Guitar. 
Ric Grech-    Bass. 
Aynsley Dunbar -Drums
Rod Mayall -  keys.
Set list
It Might as Well Be Raining, 
I Might Catch Up With You, 
No Place to Go,
Crazy Woman, 
My Pretty Girl, 
What's Wrong Now
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