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Bath Recreation Ground .

June 28th 1969.

It was a great two months in July & Aug 2008 as we had many new rare photos arrive of bands onstage at the festival as well as news on recordings and film . After many years the information is finally coming in thick and fast, thanks to Al Bye and Lawrence Impey for the new pix .... and almost 40 years to the day , in late June 2009 , more new pics added courtesy of Mike Ware.... and 2012 , five new images courtesy of Mike Bird. Now in 2013, some nice colour photos of Taste and an Unknown band courtesy of Mike Read ....

Flyer courtesy Bob Hewish

Ten Years After.

Alvin Lee - guitar/vocals
Leo Lyons - bass
Ric Lee - drums
Chick Churchill - keyboards

   Featuring the pyrotechnical guitar skills of Alvin Lee, TYA came to prominence in 1969 largely due to their blistering performance at Woodstock . There is no doubt that Lee was an excellent guitarist, but their lack of ability to write strong tunes was a distinct problem -one cannot forge a long term career on blindingly fast solos alone - the truly great musicians move on to develop their sound , something TYA did not really achieve. It is probably this factor that lead to led to their eventual fall into semi -obscurity, whilst many other 60s bands ,although defunct , have much larger followings.

Likely set list.
   TYA were the last band to play at Bath . They played  their showstopper "I'm going Home" to finish their set with at Bath . The list below is from their album sssh released July 69, so their shows in June would probably have featured some of this material

Also definitely played at Bath were

I Woke Up This Morning ( cuts in , cuts out during applause ). 8:06

Good Morning Little School Girl. 6:59

see recordings page for more details

Hi, I saw Ten Years After at the Cheese & Grain Frome last Saturday (30/06/03), and that prompted me to search the net for The Bath Festival Of Blues"69. I remember the event well.
The sounds of Led Zep reverberating all round the surrounding buildings, Ten Tears After coming on stage just as dusk was falling. I just thought I would let you know that I have an original orange programme of the event, price two shillings!!!!. I also went to the Shepton Mallet event in 1970 and, yes I have a programme for that too. Price three shillings. It's nice to see bands reforming and still playing incredibly well. TYA were on stage for two and a half hours at Frome, giving the fans pure 70s blues and rock non stop.

Graham Peaple


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Bands in order of appearance.(l to R)

Just Before Dawn.
Roy Harper.
Keef Hartley.
Edgar Broughton
Liverpool Scene. 
Champion Jack Dupree.
Chicken Shack. 
Blodwyn Pig  
The Nice
Led Zeppelin
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre.

John Mayall

Bands listed below most probably did not perform

Group Therapy.


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