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Bath Recreation Ground .

June 28th 1969.

It was a great two months in July & Aug 2008 as we had many new rare photos arrive of bands onstage at the festival as well as news on recordings and film . After many years the information is finally coming in thick and fast, thanks to Al Bye and Lawrence Impey for the new pix .... and almost 40 years to the day , in late June 2009 , more new pics added courtesy of Mike Ware.... and 2012 , five new images courtesy of Mike Bird. Now in 2013, some nice colour photos of Taste and an Unknown band courtesy of Mike Read ....

Flyer courtesy Bob Hewish

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

John Mayall © Mike Bird


John Mayall -keyboard-vocals-guitar-harmonica
Duster Bennett - guitar-vocals
Jon Mark - guitar
Johnny Almond - sax
Steve Thompson - bass

Stuart Godfrey thought that

John Mayall seemed kind of flat after the Zep experience. His music was nice, acoustic (Turning-Point) stuff mostly. I recall the dominant bass
sound, and the crowd reaction when Mayall sang "don't throw rocks at policemen" in "The Laws Must Change" - quite a few things got thrown, cans
mostly, but I don't think anybody got hit.

NB : Duster Bennett may have left the band by this time as he is not listed on the Live At the Marquee album mentioned below.

    The set list of this show might be similar to the one below,  which was featured in the film - The Turning Point, recorded at the Marquee Club two days later 30th June 69, and released in 1999 on Eagle Records. .

Can't Sleep This Night
So Hard To Share
Don't Waste My Time
I'm Gonna Fight For You J.B.
The Laws Must Change


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Bands in order of appearance.(l to R)

Just Before Dawn.
Roy Harper.
Keef Hartley.
Edgar Broughton
Liverpool Scene. 
Champion Jack Dupree.
Chicken Shack. 
Blodwyn Pig  
The Nice
Led Zeppelin
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre.

John Mayall

Bands listed below most probably did not perform

Group Therapy.


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