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The Seventh National Jazz and Blues Festival.
11th , 12th & 13th August 1967.
Royal Windsor Racecourse.

   Timetable of events.
    The first thing that becomes obvious is how short the sets are for most of the artists , 30 minutes for the likes of Eric Burdon and the Small Faces , 20 mins for the lesser known acts  . Ludicrous by todays standards , when only support acts play for such a short time slot . Also,  if change over time is added the sets become even shorter. The only longer sets seem to be on Sunday where some acts get 45 mins and Cream get 45 minutes on Saturday as they are the headliners. .

Similar time slots seem to have been the rule in earlier years, as the Who only did a 20 minute set in 1966

The early festivals.

You can find out the complete line ups of the first festivals if you follow the links below, but otherwise information is fairly limited.

Festivals 65-83

Most of these have fairly complete documentation .

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Windsor 1966
 Windsor 1967
Sunbury 1968
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