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The Seventh National Jazz and Blues Festival.
11th , 12th & 13th August 1967.
Royal Windsor Racecourse.

Recordings and setlists.

    These are recordings purported to be from the National Jazz festival. The problem is that at least two- Mayall and Jeff Beck, , have cirulated for years labelled as being from Reading .The Jeff Beck set I have from Windsor 67 is identical to two others which are labelled Sunbury 1968 and Reading 68. Who knows which is correct, I've added them here in the hope the original taper comes forward to clear up the doubts.
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
7th National Jazz & Blues Festival

Fleetwood Mac
Seventh National Jazz & Blues Festival
Windsor Racecourse August 13 1967

Jeff Beck Group.

August 12th 1967.

see Ron Woods database for more info on Jeff beck group of this era   


Jeff Beck - Vocal and lead guitar
Ron Wood- bass
Rod Stewart- vocals.
Aynsley Dunbar - drums

   This is a high energy set from Beck and the boys, of surprisingly good recording quality considering its outdoors and the PA was reputedly very quiet and had constant  problems during the festival. There are a few minor distortions on the vocals during Hi Ho , but the rest of its very good. Rod Stewart is in fine voice and its definitely worth looking for if you are collector of early Beck performances.

   This would not appear to be the entire performance, its only about 20 minutes long. Its likely they played more, if you have the rest of the set or know where I can find it ,then please Contact us.

The early festivals.

You can find out the complete line ups of the first festivals if you follow the links below, but otherwise information is fairly limited.

Festivals 65-83

Most of these have fairly complete documentation .

Richmond 1965
Windsor 1966
 Windsor 1967
Sunbury 1968
Plumpton 1969
Plumpton 1970
Reading 1971
Reading 1972
Reading 1973
Reading 1974

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