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The Bickershaw Programme:
                                          Joes Lights

  Joes Lights were resident light show at the now liquidated Rainbow Theatre in London. Before that they were resident light show at the Fillmore East during the three years that Bill Graham ran it as a rock music centre on New Yorks Lower East Side. 

  They were called The Joshua Light Show until Joshua White , one of the originators, left them two years ago. The group, despite the name change, were present form the opening to the closing of the Fillmore and worked with most of the top English and American Bands , special favourites being the Allman Brothers, Leon Russell and The Grateful Dead. 

  In 1967 Joshua White, Thomas Shoesmith and Bill Schwarzbach started a light company called Sensefex. At the end of the year it lost money and collapsed, but the three stayed together to create a new  light show. In February 1968 , when the Fillmore opened the three were joined by Cecily Hoyt ,an art student and sculptress and a couple called Jane and Kenny , who left to settle down and raise children. Their place was filled by Alan Arkush , who now directs the overall lighting production. Alan graduated form the New York Film school and won second prize at an international student film festival with the movie he made at the Fillmore. 

  The present company consists of  Cecily Hoyt ,Thomas Shoesmith and Alan Arkush, of the original Fillmore team . Kim Legge, who is English and joined them at the Rainbow and Ben Haller , blacksmith , and lighting wizard who joined the company in March  last year . He is now on tour with the Grateful Dead as accomplice to Candace Brightman, their own lighting expert.

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