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Band lineups
Below you will find the personnel and incomplete setlists of most of the bands who played at Bickershaw . Where possible personnel have been checked against Pete Frame's excellent Rock Family Tree book, which I can thoroughly recommend to lovers of rock music of the 60-80's.


I have scoured the internet and I cannot find setlists of any other bands than the Dead , The Kinks , Captain Beyond, Captain Beefheart , New Riders and portions of Donovan and Country Joe's sets. These are available because they were recorded from the audience. There may be other tapes circulating, but you really have to search for them .What  details I have are from articles or setlists that these bands would have played in 1972. Recently, sketchy details of the existence of tapes by Stackridge and the Incredible String band have been confirmed although I have yet to hear either of these .

If you can help with set lists or providing recordings of the shows. Contact email


Joe's Lights

Lightshow for the festival.


Apparently the members of this band were from the staff of the festival. 

Tom McMasters and friends

    No details available. 


    Andy Davis - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
    James Warren - Guitar, Vocals
    'Mutter' Slater - Flute, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion
    Mike Evans - Violin, Vocals
    'Crun' Walter - Bass Guitar, Percussion
    Billy Sparkle - Drums, Percussion

    No details available. A tape exists of this set. quality unknown .

    Observers remember these numbers being played: Slark, Let There Be Lids, and Purple Spaceships Over Yatton.


    • Bob Calvert -vocals.
    • Nik Turner- Sax /vocal.
    • Dave Brock-Guit/vocal.
    • Del Dettmar -Synth
    • Simon King -Drums
    • Stacia- dancer . 
    • Lemmy -bass , vocal. 
    • Dik Mik-audio gen.


    This lineup Jan 72 to Aug 73. 
    The beast of chaos,

    You shouldnt do that

    This is your Captain Speaking

    You Know Your Only Dreaming

    Master Of The Universe


    Born To Go

    The Wakening
    Silver Machine

    Starfarers Despatch


Confirmation of a tape of Hawkwind's set in in existance received in April 2003 , however, it appears that both this and the Wishbone Ash set have been erased by the tapers brother !

Johnathon Kelly

    Cursed Anna's Stare.

Wishbone Ash

  • Time Was
  • Blowin' Free,
  • Jail Bait,
  • The King Will Come,
  • ThePilgrim,
  • Warrior,
  • Throw Down The Sword,
  • Phoenix
Unfortunately the tape of this set no longer exists . See Hawkwind set for explanation.

Dr John .

  • Dr John-aka-Mac Rebannack
  • Terri Naa-koshie Quayo.-persussion.

The programme gives this band line-up.

  • Mac Rebennack - Vocals, piano, guitar.
  • Ronald Barrose- Keyboards and vocals. 
  • James Calhoun - Bass. 
  • Richard Washington - percussion . 
  • Ken Klimak- guitar. 
  • Robbie Montgomery - vocals. 
  • Jesse Smith - vocals. 
  • Fred Stahle - drums .
  • Victor Brox . Tosh Ryan : brass

Setlist taken from Frendz and Melody Maker

  • Walk on Guilded Splinters 
  • Twilight Zone Glowing 
  •  Let the Good Times Roll 
  •  Iko , Iko, 
  • Cow Cow Boogie. 
  • Wang Dang Doodle 

  • No other details available

No recording appears to exist


Brotherhood of Breath.

Chris McGregor- Piano
Mongezi. Feza- Pocket Trumpet. 
Dudu Pukwana- Alto.  

Maynard Ferguson Band.

    Maynard Ferguson - Trumpet. 
    Rany Jones -drums.
    Brian Smith - Tenor. 
    incomplete list.
    • McArthur Park. 
    • Mother. 
    • Eli's Coming. 
    • Hey Jude. 

    Mike Westbrook Band.

Mike Westbrook- conductor. 
Phil Minton - vocals

incomplete list 

  • Down on the Farm. 
  • Morning Song. 
  • Technology. 

Linda Lewis.

    Hampstead Way. 
    Jasmine Junkie.

Incredible String Band

Mike Heron              Violin/guitar/vocals. 
Robin Williamson.    Guitar/vocal/keys/bass.etc. 
Malcolm Le Maistre   vocals/whistle/harmonium. 
Licorice                    vocal /.bass.
Gerard Dott               possibly joined by this date


Additional musicians were Jack on guitar (!!) on the first medley of jigs,
then Stan and Susie W.T. on Feast of Stephen.

Set list .

  • A tape may also exist of this set .
  • This Moment
  • Black Jack Davy
  • The Circle is Unbroken
  • Medley of Jigs (Drunken Black Winter, etc)
  • Everything's Fine Right Now
  • Won't You Come See Me
  • Secret Temple
  • Feast of Stephen
  • Medley of excerpts from Job's Tears, Koeeaddi There and Very Cellular Song
  • Weather The Storm
  • Medley of Jigs (Grumbling Old Men, etc)

Looking for rest of the set list. 


  • Jennifer Juniper. 
  • Catch The Wind. 
  • There is a Mountain
  • Only the Blues
  • Universal Soldier.
  • Sunshine Superman
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Josie
  • Colours
  • Hey Gyp (dig the slowness)
  • Oh Yeah
  • Hurdy Gurdy Man. 
  • Try for the sun
  • Thanks to "Mike Zarro" <> for the setlist.

Captain Beyond.

  • Dancing Madly Backwards
  • Thousand Days Of Yesterdays
  • Mesmerization Eclipse

very good quality audience tape

Sam Apple pie 

    Pancho Barnes -Lead guitar.
    Snake ( ex dirty legs ) Johnson ? Slide /second guitar
    Lee Baxter Hayes Jnr ? drums
    Sam "Tomcat " Sampson- vocals /harmonica
    Dog Renny ? bass ( and ex-tea taster )

Cheech & Chong.

Funky  Washington



    Roger Chapman-vocals and mike stand destruction. 
    Charlie Whitney - Guitar. 
    Poly Palmer-keys/vibes 
    John Whetton -bass, vocal. 
    Rob Townsend.-drums. 

    Weavers Answer. 

    Good News Bad News

    Looking for set list.

The Kinks.

Ray Davis -guitar/vocal 
Dave Davis- lead guitar /vocal 
Mick Avory-Drums. 
John Gosling- keys.
John Dalton - Bass
  • The Banana Boat Song.
  • Sunny Afternoon . 
  • Muswell Hillbilly. 
  • Lola
  • Hootchie Kootchie Man.* 
  • Baby Face.* 
  • Alcohol. *
  • You Really Got Me. 
  • All Day And All of the Night
  • Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues. *

These tracks above are what I have found to be available on tape , but the chances are that the band played at least a few more songs, the Melody Maker mentions tracks not on the tape which I have marked  *

"Lola" and "Really got me" exist on as a separate recording made by another taper .

The Flaming Groovies.

    Cyril Jordan -guitar. 

    Chris Wilson -vocal.

    James Ferrell, guitar,

    George Alexander, bass

    Danny Mihm, drums.    


    • Jumping Jack Flash. 
    • Nervous Breakdown
    • Sweet Jane
    • Teenage Head 
    • Slow Death 
    • Shake The Joint 
    • Sweet Little Rock & Roller
    • Heartbreak Hotel
    • Roll Over Beethoven

    looking for full set list.  A recording exists of Jumping Jack Flash , quality good .

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.

    Don Van Vliet -Vocal/soprano sax/harmonica.
    Zoot Horn Rollo- Guitar
    Winged Eel Fingerling-Guitar. 
    Rockette Morton- bass. 
    Ed Marimba - drums.
    • The Mascara Fake.
    • When It Blows Its Stacks
    • Click Clack.
    • Grow Fins
    • Hobo Chang Ba.
    • Booglarise You.
    • Black Snake. 


    • Peon..
    • Abba Zabba
    • Alice in Blunderland.
    • My Human Gets Me Blues
    • Steal Softly Through Snow
    • Golden Birdies
    • Spitball Scalped A Baby.

    Looking for rest of setlist.  I'm sure there would have been an encore after Spitball , I am convinced that the band played Big Eyed Beans as the encore , although a number of shows finish with Spitball in 1972 .

    .3 separate recordings exist of either the whole or part of the set, quality varies.

Pacific , Gas & Electric.

    No mention of PGE 's set in any reviews , its entirely possible that they did not play, or they played so late none of rhe reviewers stayed up to watch them.

Alfred Galagos - tenor, 
Ken Utterback -lead Guitar
Virgil Gonsalves - baritone. 
Ron Woods - drums
Jerry Aiello - organ 
Joe Lala -  conga and timbales. 
Stanly Abernathy - trumpet. 
Frank Petricca - bass
Charlie Allen - vocals

    Sunday May 7th

Haydock Brass Band

    Stars and Stripes

Neophonic Symphony Orchestra

    No details available

Brinsley Schwarz.

    Ian Gomm--Guitar /vocal
    Nick Lowe- bass /vocal
    Bob Andrews -Keys/vocal
    Brinsley Schwarz - Guitar/vocal.
    Billy Rankin - Drums. 
    Looking for setlist.

Country Joe McDonald.

    Entertainment is my Business
    Here I go again
    Sweet Lorraine
    Rocking around the world
    On the road again 
    Fish cheer. 
    Fixing to Die Rag

New Riders of the Purple Sage.

    Dave Torbert -Bass/vocals 
    John Dawson. (Marmaduke)-guitar /vocals.
    Dave Nelson. -Vocals /guitar.
    Buddy Cage - pedal steel. 
    Spencer Dryden - drums.


    Setlist (audience tape exists -D quality)

    • Contract
    • Truck Driving Man
    • Rainbow
    • Sailing
    • Whatcha Going to Do
    • Willie & The Hand Jive

The Grateful Dead. 


    Jerry Garcia- Lead Guitar /vocals. 
    Bob Weir- rhythm /vocals 
    Phil Lesh- bass/vocal. 
    Bill Kreutzmann - drums. 
    Pigpen  - vocals/organ/harmonica . 
    Keith Godchaux - piano. 
    Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals. 

    Both audience and SBD recordngs exist of the sets.

    Set one

    • Truckin',
    • Sugaree, 
    • Mr. Charlie,
    • Beat It on Down The Line, 
    • He's Gone,
    • Chinatown Shuffle, 
    • China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider,
    • Black Throated Wind.
    • Next Time You See Me. 
    • Playin' . 
    • Tennessee Jed. 
    • Good Lovin', 
    • Casey Jones

    Set Two.

    • Greatest Story Ever Told. 
    • Big Boss Man,
    • Ramble On Rose,
    • Jack Straw. 
    • Dark Star > 
    • Drums >
    • Other One > 
    • Sing Me Back Home. 
    • Sugar Magnolia.
    • Lovelight > 
    • Going Down The Road Feeling Bad > 
    • Not Fade Away.
    • E : One More Saturday Night.

          (order of some tracks in set one and start set two uncertain ) 


  If you can help with set lists or providing recordings of the shows. Contact email

The following footage of the festival may exist in Granadas vaults and has now probably been included in the OZIT DVD Of the festival

Site for pop festival at Bickershaw near Wigan. Stage in process of erection. Large marquees set up. Lorries driving across rather swampy site. Interviews with early arrivals who are helping on the site and who have come from abroad. They are having difficulties in finding sleeping accommodation. Interview with member of organising committee, Stephanie Hughes who is in charge of site facilities - foot, first aid, sleeping quarter's etc.

Preparations going ahead for the Bickershaw pop festival. Hippies walking about in village - entering village shop, squatting outside, eating etc. Two days before the festival, it is estimated that about 5,000 people have already arrived. Camp site in fields, where some of them are sleeping. Police active around village, chatting at street corners - some mounted on motorcycles. Interview with one of the organisers about the general behaviour of the people who have arrived, which up to the moment is extremely good.

Jane Hewland and Tony Sutcliffe report from the Bickershaw Pop Festival near Leigh, Lancashire. General shots over arena and tents, fans in sleeping bags. Fans arriving walking down Bickershaw Lane outside the site and across fields. Interview with fans - `Why did you come?' and interview with Mr Garner a spokesman for the festival about facilities and finances. Good example of evasive answers when asked about a marsh on the site being fenced off.


Bickershaw Pop Festival. Tony Sutcliffe and Jane Hewland report on the last day of the Bickershaw Pop Festival. Interviews with wet and muddy pop fans, Jerry Garcia, leader of the Grateful Dead, a star attraction, Jeremy Beadle, the festivals Public Relations man. Country Joe McDonald singing `Sweet Lorraine' and a group playing on stage. Fans tramping through mud, dancing and clapping. General stage shots. Hells Angels watching bands, aerial shots of sites. Fans in corrugated iron tents - some people rolling and smoking joints, (Marijuana cigarettes). Food concession stalls, flags flying over tents. Street Theatre groups performing in centre of crowd - walking back to their base behind the stage. (trims 1200')

Site of Bickershaw Pop Festival - covered in rubbish, plastic bags, paper, bear cans etc. Youths pile up rubbish and burn it - this four days after the festival ended.

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