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The Knebworth Park Festivals.

"The Return of Knebworth Fayre ."

June 22nd 1985.

Deep Purple , Scorpions, Meat Loaf , UFO, Mountain, Blackfoot , Mama's Boys, Alaska.

Recordings and Setlists .

    Although it appears that audience recordings exist for almost all of the event and BBC FM recordings exist of substantial portions, it wasn't all that easy to track down setlist information for the more minor acts and even some of the top billers such as the Scorpions. Deep Purple's set has been widely circulated , and now all the sets seem to be out there if you search for them in the blogosphere.

The event was not filmed ( rats !)

Recordings are presented in the running order of the day , starting from the beginning of the concert.


6-22-85 Knebworth Fayre
Tommy Vance Introduction
A Woman Like You
I Really Want to Know
Help Yourself

Soundboard CD Broadcast on BBC Radio One

20 minutes

Former Whitesnake luminary Bernie Marsden's relatively short lived band

Rob Hawthorn - Vocals
Bernie Marsden - Guitar
Brian Badhams - Bass
John Marter - Drums
Don Airey - Keyboards

courtesy Jerry



Leslie West is one of the overlooked guitar players from the 70's. Leslie West, like Clapton, was weaned on the blues, but he also had the taste for improvisation. Long looping chord changes and manic picking were interspaced with delicate touches to produce a style unlike any other.

Leslie West has always had a unique sound, instantly recognisable. He coaxes sounds from a simple body, neck and pickup that seem impossible to duplicate. Of course, there is a secret to his style, and it's called 'feel'. His most famous work, of course, was while partnered with Felix Pappalardi (original bass player / producer) in Mountain. Mountain was unique in that they had two lead vocalists: West and Pappalardi. West's voice mirrored his playing: gruff, raunchy and ballsy. Pappalardi's style was more flowing and smooth, better suited for ballads, but the few tunes in which they traded-off or harmonized vocal parts (For Yasgur's Farm, a tribute to Woodstock and Travellin' In the Dark) are classics.

After Mountain (and Pappalardi's untimely death), West went solo, releasing a number of fine albums: 'Why Dontcha' and 'Whatever Turns You On' with Jack Bruce, and 'The Leslie West Band' and 'The Great Fatsby' by himself.

The newly reformed Mountain had just released their latest album, Hard Times, before appearing in front of the 70,000 strong crowd at Knebworth. With Nicholas Mark Clark on bass, the two remaining original members of Mountain, West and Laing, blasted out a cracking set.

Leslie West was dressed in a 'fools' sequined suit and showed signs of a frayed temper when the P.A. equipment could not deliver the goods. The most memorable song for me was "Theme from an imaginary western" containing that beautiful guitar solo.



6-22-85 Knebworth Fayre

Tommy Vance Introduction
Why Dontcha
Never in my Life
Theme From an Imaginary Western
Nantucket Slay ride
Guitar Solo / Jam
Mississippi Queen

Soundboard CD Broadcast on BBC Radio One

20 minutes

Two thirds of the original lineup ,minus Felix P , photos show Leslie West had thinned down a tad and was resplendent in matching red coat and trews.

Leslie West - Guitar / Vocals
Mark Clarke - Bass
Corky Laing - Drums


Meatloaf looking pissed off © Henry Cobbold, Knebworth House


6-22-85 Knebworth Fayre

Bad Attitude
Dead Ringer For Love
Midnight at the Lost & Found
Paradise By the Dashboard Light
All Revved Up (and no Place to Go)
Bat Out Of Hell



Mr Loaf was suffering from a broken leg , but , like the trouper he was, went on with the gig nevertheless. Some enjoyed his set, most hated it , though all agree his backing band were good .... can anyone provide details regarding the personnel of his band ?



Mamas Boys

6-22-85 Knebworth Fayre

All Through the Night
One Last Chance
Guitar Solo
Runaway Dreams
Mama We're All Crazy Now
Straight Forward, No Looking Back

John McManus - Bass -Vocals
Pat McManus - Guitar -Violin
Tommy McManus - Drums

RIP Tommy McManus who died in 1994 .



6-22-85 Knebworth Fayre

Can't Be So Bad,
On The Run
Every Man Should Know
Dry County
Wishing Well
Morning Dew<
Gimme Gimme Gimme<
Train Train
Highway Song

Rickey Medlocke - Guitar & Vocals
Bobby Barth - Guitar & Vocals
Greg T. Walker - Bass & Backing Vocals
Jakson Spires - Drums & Backing Vocals.


To everyone's surprise Phil Mogg revived the name UFO in 1985 with former members, Paul Raymond and Paul Gray, plus ex-Magnum skinsman Jim Simpson and Japanese guitarist Atomic Tommy M, for the album 'Misdemeanour', which was a brave attempt to rekindle former glories by fanning the old UFO flame with its superlative guitar work. Though it received excellent critical acclaim, and despite an astounding performance supporting Deep Purple at Knebworth Park in the Summer of that year, success eluded them. They inevitably all went their separate ways and 'Misdemeanor' ended their long standing relationship with the Chrysalis label.

We waited expectantly for UFO, the one reformation which seems somehow healthy and natural. We get UFO in triumph, the UFO of old and their set of immaculate, entertaining rogue rock. Mogg prowls in the silly, yellow tights, howling expertly through "Love To Love", "Blinded By A Lie", "Lights Out"... trading centre-stage with Tommy M and always aware of and open to the crowd. The sun shines brightly and briefly, the tide of bottles waver and UFO turn in a performance to relish. They're gone all too soon to the strains of "Doctor, Doctor", and I wanted so much more.


6-22-85 Knebworth Fayre

Blinded By A Lie
Heaven's Gate
Love to Love
Night Run
Only You Can Rock Me
Lights Out
Doctor, Doctor


Phil Mogg - Vocals
Thomas McClendon- Lead guitar
Paul Raymond - Guitar / Keyboards
Paul Gray - Bass
Jim Simpson - Drums

                                 The Scorpions


The Scorpions did not agree for their set to be recorded and broadcast so audience tapes are the only record of their set .We have not been able to find a full setlist for their show , or any cover art from any audience recordings. Can anyone help ?

Dom Winter writes

You mentioned that there is no record of the Scorpions set as it was not recorded. The Live album World Wide Live had just been released and they performed exactly the same set as I remember me and a mate joking about knowing what was coming up next, thought that might help.

So here is the setlist from the World Wide Live album and we present it as correct until someone can prove otherwise.


6-22-85 Knebworth Fayre

  • Coming Home
  • Blackout
  • Bad Boys Running Wild
  • Loving You Sunday Morning
  • Make It Real
  • Big City Nights
  • Coast to Coast
  • Holiday
  • Still Loving You
  • Rock You Like a Hurricane
  • Can't Live Without You
  • Another Piece of Meat
  • The Zoo
  • No One Like You
  • Dynamite
  • Can't Get Enough, Pt. 1
  • Six String Sting - Scorpions, Jabs, Matthias
  • Can't Get Enough, Pt. 2

Deep Purple

6-22-85 Knebworth Fayre

Highway Star
Nobody's Home
Strange Kind Of Woman (
Gypsy's Kiss
Perfect Strangers
Under The Gun#
Knocking At Your Back Door
Difficult to Cure
Space Truckin'


Woman From Tokyo #
Speed King
Black Night
Smoke On The Water

# Donates track left off CD releases


Ritchie Blackmore: guitar
Ian Gillan :vocals
Roger Glover :bass guitar
Jon Lord :organ, keyboards
Ian Paice :drums

The concert was broadcast on the BBC , bootlegged , traded, then officially released in a truncated form as apparently the beeb lost two of the tracks ( yeah ?) . You can find out more about this by visiting the links below.


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Highway Star

More info about this concert can also be found at the Knebworth House site .



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