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Windsor Park "home" for Rock fans.

    A ROYAL park yesterday became the "official home" of more than 1,000 rock fans. They began the first day of their official squat in Windsor Great Park , and after settling down under a police watch the fans, left over from the weekend pop festival, demanded power supplies from the local gas and electricity hoard. They have put up scores of tents on the former cavalry exercise yard and were yesterday busy strumming guitars. Although police searched anyone entering the area for drugs they turned a blind eye to activities in the centre of the " camp " area.

   One of the squatter organisers, Kevin Driscoll, aged 27, from Fulham, London said: " This is an experiment in living. By law nobody can move us, and by Acts of Parliament we, as occupiers of this land, can be connected to gas and electricity. Everything is peaceful here apart from the searches by the police. We intend to stay as long as we like. We are here to protest against the law on pot smoking and hope to hold another pop festival next weekend." Dozens of young people from the festivaI have appeared in court at Windsor in the last four days on drugs charges. The police said: "Our main activity has been against drugs but we have had no orders so far to remove these people. If they are committing an offence by being here it is a civil matter."

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