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Craigs story.

   Many thanks go to Craig for sending in his photographs of the 1973 festival and for his recollections of what went on . Visit his web site here .

I was at Windsor '73 and in fact I was the first to defy the police and put a tent up right in front of them even with the imminent threat by two of them to arrest me. I was immediately surrounded by a large angry mob of "hippies " slowly chanting "Pig Pig" louder and louder and the end they gave up and left me to a large round of applause and cheers...not bad for a 16 year old!!.
People with a load of pigs, who cannot be seen , in some sort of confrontation, Windsor 26/08/73
Danny from Essex + our Paddy (there were 2 of them) besides our tents at Windsor Aug 73
24th August 73 a gang of us from Liverpool and another gang from Essex , also a couple of Germans who stayed with us we shared our tent and they shared their food.
Gusher,Mannys hands,our paddy,Tosh (me) Gog,Ste ,Col,Mole inside orange tent ,moles trousers on top of tent,some FOOD. Windsor Aug 73

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