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The Ninth National Jazz and Blues Festival.
8th-10th August 1969.
Plumpton Race Track.
East Sussex.

Band payments.

Thanks must go to Jim Brackenridge a Pink Floyd memorabilia collector who sent us these documents that detail payments received by most of the artists who played the festival in 1969 .Its fascinating to see just who was paid top dollar, as many major bands who became world famous received far less than other bands who have now faded into obscurity. For instance, Chicken Shack received 300 pounds, whereas Yes and King Crimson each took away the princely sum of 25 quid !

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To view a huge number of top quality photos of almost all the bands at the 1969 festival , visit Repfoto ( note : you shouldn't copy Roberts photos -support his efforts to give us a record of the festival by buying his prints)

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