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Updated September 2023

Oregon set lists .

    This is our attempt to create a database of all known Oregon set lists from recorded concerts ,since none seems to be available on the net. I have become extremely frustrated trying to compile Oregon setlists as,unlike many other groups , there has been no repository of sets available on the web .

So this small list is now here for all you Oregon collectors to use .Hopefully some of you will contribute your knowledge to build this base so it becomes more comprehensive.

This page is a tribute to Oregon, the fabulous jazz - world music -fusion quartet which has, over the past 30 years -featured Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, Colin Walcott, Glen Moore ,Trilok Gurtu and Mark Walker.

Jazz fusion is not an adequate description of Oregons sublime music, which can vary from beautifully melodic pieces that are almost classical in form , to long dark, dangerous improvised numbers that defy classification.Other numbers have a distinctly Indian feel , where sitar and tablas mingle with jazz forms.This is why the Live Oregon experience is probably superior to their studio albums, as each concert is very different ,even if the same pieces are played each night .

If you can contribute towards updating this base , which is by no means complete- or 100% correct, or if you want to trade, please Contact us

Concert database

Oregon setlists 1972-1979


2-9-72 Free Music Store - WBAI New York NY


3/??/74 Freiburg, Germany SBD CD 2

3-14-74 Sendesaal Bremen

  • Brujo
  • Ghost Beads
  • Dark Spirit
  • Ogden Road
  • Distant Hills
  • New Tune
  • Raven's Wood
  • Canyon Song
  • The Silence of a Candle

3-15-74 Funkhaus Hannover FM

3-19-74 Stuttgart Germany ( With Paul Bley)

03-21-74 Koln, Germany

9-24-74 S.U.N.Y Binghampton SBD 95 mins

10-9-74 Free Music Store New York, NY


2-7-75 The Great Southeast Music Hall Atlanta GA AUD

3-?-75 S.U.N.Y Binghampton SBD


5-30-75 Worcester MA 62 min ( early )

5-28-75 Molde TV 45

Quality fluctuates and some interference on the copy I have heard .

7-30-75 Avery Fisher Hall Lincoln Center NY


1-18-76 (Unknown Venue) Chicago, IL FM 68:30

Broadcast has some distortion problems on some instruments .

3/20/76 Keystone, San Francisco, CA AUD

10-12-76 Cleveland Ohio FM, 45m

10-16-76 The Cellar Door Washington

12-9-76 Erica’s New Haven


1-12-77 Space De Cardinal Paris

1-16-77 Vienna Austria FM



2-24-25-78 Rosie’s New Orleans . SBD 60 mins

3/7/78 - Zellerbach Auditorium - UC Berkeley

3/8/78 Wilshire-Ebell Theater, L.A.

Sony TC-153SD + Sony ECM-280 (stereo mic)

3-16-78 Toledo Ohio Aud


10-25-78 Seattle, WA AUD

Sony TC388 w/ D441

Early Show -> 

Late Show ->


11-10-78 The Back Door - Late Show CSU San Diego , Ca Aud

11/7/78 UC Davis AUD

11/8/78 Campbell UC Santa Barbara

Sony TC-153SD + AKG-D224E (stereo mic)

11/9/78 Fox Theater, Venice, CA

Sony TC153-SD + AKG-D224E (stereo mic)

Sony TC-153SD + Nakamichi CM-300 (cardioid stereo)


1978 Hill Auditorium Ann Arbor


3-31-79 The Modern Theater Boston, Mass. U.S.A. Aud

Early (91 mins )

Late (88 mins)

4-30-79 Theatre Outremont Montreal QC Canada

  • Buzzbox
  • Along the Way
  • Wanderlust
  • Deer Path
  • Waterwheel
  • Drum Solo
  • Arion
  • Free Piece
  • Icarus


5-02-79 Royce Hall, Los Angeles, CA

5-06-79 Sherwood Hall La Jolla, CA

9-22-79 Music Hall East Troy FM

11/9/79 Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA AUD


11/11/79 Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara AUD

Sony TC-153SD + Nakamichi CM-300 (cardioid stereo)

11/13/79 - Catamaran, San Diego

Early Show

Late Show