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Oregon set lists .

    This is our attempt to create a database of all known Oregon set lists from recorded concerts ,since none seems to be available on the net. I have become extremely frustrated trying to compile Oregon setlists as,unlike many other groups , there has been no repository of sets available anywhere .

So this small list is now here for all you Oregon collectors to use .Hopefully some of you will contribute your knowledge to build this base so it becomes more comprehensive.

This page is a tribute to Oregon, the fabulous jazz - world music -fusion quartet which has, over the past 30 years -featured Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, Colin Walcott, Glen Moore ,Trilok Gurtu and Mark Walker.

Jazz fusion is not an adequate description of Oregons sublime music, which can vary from beautifully melodic pieces that are almost classical in form , to long dark, dangerous improvised numbers that defy classification.Other numbers have a distinctly Indian feel , where sitar and tablas mingle with jazz forms.This is why the Live Oregon experience is probably superior to their studio albums, as each concert is very different ,even if the same pieces are played each night .

If you can contribute towards updating this base , which is by no means complete- or 100% correct, or if you want to trade, please Contact us Contact us

Concert database

Oregon setlists 1980-1989



4-07-80 Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA. SBD 150 mins

4-08-80 Campbell Hall UCSB Santa Barbara CA AUD :2 Neumann KM84 mics > Nagra 45 half track on Maxell UD at 7.5 ips

9-23-80 McCabe's Guitar Shop Santa Monica, CA AUD

set 2

3CD set - may be some confusion about the order here

9-24-80 McCabe's Guitar Shop Santa Monica, CA AUD

9-80 Sydney Town Hall FM 90 mins

Apparently a second concert (or the second half of the first concert ) recorded by the ABC was broadcast a week later , setlist for this was


11-2-80 Jazzdays Berlin . Berlin Germany 72 mins


1-30-82 University of Washington Seattle WA

Aud 155 w/Ralph Towner,Paul McCandless,Glen Moore, Colin Walcott

11-12-82 Drumlins Country Club Syracuse NY


6-30-83 Funkhaus Studio 10 Hamburg.

7-2-83 Gladbeck AUD

7-17-83 Jazzfest Weisen 73 min FM

10-23-83 NYC,Symphony Space NYC 90 mins audience

10-28-83 Communications Center Troy NY FM 126 MINS

October 1983 Merkin Concert Hall New York, NY AUD 80 mins


3-29-84 Painted Bride Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA

No setlist

10-5-84 Music Hall East Troy #

10-8-84 Troy Music Hall, Troy, N.Y. 113min FM #

# Its unlikely that the group played two identical sets over two nights at the same venue a few days apart, its most likely this is just one show with a badly transposed date .

10-15-84 Szeged, Hungary FM

10-20-84 Zurich FM

11-1-84 Riccione, Italy. AUD 82 min

11-2-84 Tala di Giganti Padova Italy SBD

Sadly , Oregon percussionist Colin Walcott , along with crew member Jo Haerting , was killed at Magdeburg, East Germany on November 8th 1984 in a car crash , this may be the last recorded show with him as part of the lineup.

After a break of some months a reformed Oregon began to tour again, this time with the talented Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu as part of the band. This new lineup was possibly more rhythmic than before, but the bands sound changed to some extent as they were no longer including sitar in their instrumental blend.


7-15-85 Jonathan Swift's, Cambridge, MA SBD analog master > DAT > Cassette > CD-R
Set 1

08/13/85 New Harmony Coffee 116 Mins aud


08/17/85 Bottom Line New York City SBD late.

08/18/85 Bottom Line New York City SBD

10-15-85 Szeged, Hungary


07-?-86 The Spectrum Montreal Canada

7-6-86 DeCordova Museum Ampitheater, Lincoln, Mass. U.S.A. Aud

07-10-86 Chestnut Cabaret .Philadelphia, PA (Early Show)

07-11-86 Bottom Line New York City. AUD

11-16-86 The Great American Music Hall S.F.CA.

11-29-86 Intermedia Centre Huntingdon NY 120 min.

12-03-86 Fat Tuesday NYC 124 Mins Aud


3-5-87, Fabrik Hamburg, 120 min AUD
w/Ralph Towner,Paul McCandless,Glen Moore, Trilok Gurtu

3-8-87, Essen, AUD
w/Ralph Towner,Paul McCandless,Glen Moore, Trilok Gurtu

3-?-87 Burghausen, Jazzfest, , FM, 20m

3-20-87 Mayen 57 min FM

3-30-87 Padova 90 min FM

6-28-87 TV Studio Freiburg Germany FM and DVD 58 mins

7-5-87 Bolzano Italy SBD 60 min

7-12-87 Montreux FM 55 min

1987 Barcelona TV

11-21-87 McCabes Guitar Shop

11-23-87 Kuumbwa Jazz Center Santa Cruz Ca

12-11-87 Caravan of Dreams Fort Worth, TX FM


7-25-88 1369 Jazz Club Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A.

Early and late ,recording may only exist of early show, six songs audience recording -no ID of tracks to date

10-30-88 Umea, Sweden FM /SBD 60 min



4-15-89 NYC,Town Hall

w/Gurtu,Towner,McCandless,Moore+Nancy King (voc)115 audience

4-28-89 Performing Arts Center ,Carrboro, North Carolina. FM 110 Mins. (also known as 9-28-89. April seems more likely as Oregon was in Europe in Oct 1989 )

5-20-89 Israel festival - Binyanei Ha'Ooma . Jerusalem. Israel FM 1st Gen

5-21-89 Beit She'an Roman Theatre . Israel FM 1st Gen

5-22-89 Israel festival Wohl Amphitheatre -Tel Aviv. Jerusalem. Israel . Not known if recorded.


10-11-89 Stockholm, Sweden fm 50 Min (Trio )

10-15-89 St Johannis Church Hamburg FM 100 mins

10-20-89 Paris New Morning FM 62 Mins- also exists as pro shot DVD

10-25-89 Verone Italy 112 mins Aud

Vancouver 51 mins FM


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