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The Camden Festival free concerts .

Camden festival

Parliament Hill Fields .Hampstead Heath May 18th 1969.



Sunday May 18 from 2 pm to 8 pm

Procol Harum, Soft Machine, Yes, John Fahey, Third Ear Band, Blossom Toes, Forest and possibly Fairport Convention.

Yes at Camden 5-18-69

All 5-18-69 Camden festival photos courtesy Repfoto © to see more click on the link

Soft Machine photos courtesy Repfoto ©

Thrid Ear Band .photos Repfoto ©


John Fahey onstage at Camden © Chris Downes

i went [of course] but no photos or tapes;
just a very clear recollection of the procul harem and soft machine parts
i also remember john fahey, playing a
short drunken set and rumours of him falling of his stool while playing his
guitar, something like that; the only time i ever saw him; think he may have
had a disease that mimicked the symptoms of drunkeness as well;
it was a very nice after noon, altho the girl i took with got bored and left
before the end without me!

Bob Colover

The stage Camden 5-18-69 Repfoto ©

Phtoos of Procol Harum at this concert can be seen here


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  • 5-18- 69 :Procol Harum, Soft Machine, Third Ear Band , Yes & Blossom Toes.
  • 5-30-69:Fleetwood Mac. Taste ,Edgar Broughton, Duster Bennett . (This concert was disrupted by drunken elements in the crowd)
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