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Camden Arts Festival Concerts -1968-1972 .

Camden Festival 1971

     BY the early 70s the free aspects of the concerts had long gone and the countercultures involvement in the proceedings had been replaced by promoters NEMS .For whatever reason the council had abandoned free concerts and the the shows were moved to the Roundhouse in 1970- seen above when it still functioned as a railway building .

  Although not strictly a festival in the sense that the outdoor events held in 71 such as Weeley were, these indoor events, held over a number of days in the Spring perhaps made more sense both economically ( promoters did not have to build complex infrastructure or fight local tory MP's for the privilege of holding an outdoor festival in their constituency ) but also for the pleasure of the patrons who only had to brave the infamous UK elements whilst on the way to the show, not whilst they were actually in attendance !



  • 1968 Jefferson Airplane , Fairport, etc
  • 5- 09- 69-:Pink Floyd ,Roy Harper, The Pretty Things, Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments & Jody Grind.
  • 5-18- 69 :Procol Harum, Soft Machine, Third Ear Band , Yes & Blossom Toes.
  • 5-30-69:Fleetwood Mac. Taste ,Edgar Broughton, Duster Bennett . (This concert was disrupted by drunken elements in the crowd)
  • 1970 Roundhouse concerts- pay shows.
  • 1971 Roundhouse concerts- pay shows.
  • 1972 Roundhouse concerts- pay shows.

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