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From: "rarridge" 

After the 3rd Windsor Festival came


   This is taken from" Bitbetter" the successor to "Bitmuch" ,"Bitbeing","Bithuman" , "Bitwoman" &" Bitman", the magazine produced by the Bit information co-operative at Westbourne Park Road,Notting Hill ,London. Each issue was packed with alternative ideas some interesting & some crazy. Bit earned much of its revenue from its excellent overland guides to India,Africa & South America.Visiting the offices to pick up an African guide was in its way like going to another continent in itself.
   This report on the Trial was written by someone in the Albion Free State collective & has the visionary,acid crazed rhetoric favoured by their communiques.Noted Underground luminaries were present,Sid Rawles of the typee people whose plans for agarian reform made a lot of sense,Nicholas Saunders author of Alternative London,Alternative England & Wales & more recently books on the rave scene and of course Heathcote Williams,playwright,poet and actor.


        Albety,Senior and Williams versus David Holdsworth,Chief Kunstable of Thames Valley Police Orthority.

    On the first day we discover that though a party to the action,Holdsworth has copped out,in the true tradition of cops,and is not appearing in court.The judge thinks it perfectly natural that his assistant Chief Kunstable Leonard Soper,should take the rap on his behalf,and refuses to allow us to cast aspersions on Holdsworth's absence.But what would Pickwick Papers be without Pickwick?

Nicholas is dressed as Ni Chom Abla Dev,in a Pearly king robe from the Kingdom of Swat (via Hindu Kush in Portobello),and a Santa Claus beard (What is Christmas A mass of Christs!)

    The trial starts on January the Sixth,Twelfth night,the Saturnalia,the Feast of Fools,when the fool becomes King.Diana is dressed in high heeled sneakers and erotic rings,and Heathcote is wearing a hand maid mourning suit,and is hidden under a cowl to avoid media buggery (Heathcote had unfortunately attended the same school as the judge,whose attitude to him throughout the
trial was:when are you gonna stop playing with the niggers and come back and join the white boys? NEVER!

    We established first that Windsor Pop was hot nectar,every bubble put in by hand:60,000 people in a body lightning rodeo,forced share,a human Iggdrasail,the tree of life with our roots tickling streaking through the hyperspace,mascon suckers & black hole fuckers.U.F.O.'s lured down by our bio-electric sharauba,and loitering with intent.

We prove that love is the law and order is a dance.......Jimi and Janis and Morrison visit from soul central,Atman,and RIGHT ON is ticker taped in neon in front of our foreheads.

    There were Churches on the sight-free shops,schools,cr*ches,even courts run by the Albion Free State department of Ruff Justice to sling out traders who were charging exorbitant prices for turds made out of dead flesh,and for evicting Betty Windsor's Bother Boys,who were operating Snatch Squads at the edge of the sight,mainly at night,and who were playing God by ripping people
out of Eden for similarily trivial reasons as on the first occasion.They were arresting people's development,and stealing whole days of their lives,pruning them,and replanting them in the barren soil of Combermere barracks,unfed and unfulfilled,until the army was so disgusted by what the police were doing that they slung them out,and they had to use 2 church halls instead (What true church would allow its premises to be used for starving and beating up refugees from a Love Feast?)

    The purpose of the police is to create a society in which a police force is obsolete, Windsor Free Festival was a security leak from the future:such a society was created there,and we had to sing its echoes to the court.

    Nicholas realises early on in the trail that the judge is deaf,when he hears him transcribing in his ledger:"resist the police",instead of "assist the police",and offers him some of his cough mixture (a bottle of glyerine recycled with gin and whiskey mixed,which he's been taking regular swigs of even in the witness stand) in the hope that it'll perk up his hearing powers.

    In addition to proving the assaults upon our persons (Diana had a hank of hair pulled out by a truncheon swinger, Nicholas was punched heavily in the face and Heathcote seized from behind and hurled onto the scaffolding underneath Stage A......surely no one should ever be touched without love?);we also wanted to prove that the whole police action was illegal.

    Windsor Great Park was originally common land,until confiscated for his own lunatic purposes by George III of hanover,under an Act of Enclosure,the accepted rip-off device,and then knotted up,and shrouded in bye-bye laws.

    What were we all doing?UBI,the stark flint-like and visionary progenitor,SID the subtle gentle activist who can make the Revolution look like the Archers whenever necessary,and slip a million peace bombs through the customs,and GABRIEL,and STEVE and NICK FORREST and THE WHIRLED?

    We were repossessing the Sight,restoring it to its pristine state as common land,as all land should be.

    On possession of it,we could not be dispossessed in strait law,without a possession order:a piece of occult legal jive maybe,but something which in this transitional state of affairs was our due.What did they do? These people who were claiming to be "keeping a low profile",and to be
"co-operating with the festival goers in friendly & peaceful manner" What did they do to these Diamond Dolphins swimming through waves of music which hath charms to soothe the savage breast-this Fine Heart Sqad designing an Ultra Machine of Hope?
They deflowered a new born babe:
    Out of Philistinism (one branch of the Withered Branch to another:"It would have been quicker to get them all off with a flame thrower,")out of jealousy:their preposterous uniforms being Reich's bio-pathetic armouring petrified;out of Media Assertion:the Press had insistently dubbed the festival "illegal"....60,000 dirty hippies are squatting the Queen's backyard,and what are you doing about it?

    The might of the Thames Valley Police Force(the only true force is inner strength)was at stake-we must show our fists,show our truncheons,show our bitter pointed frowns-show everything except the uniform we were born in and our ability to enjoy ourselves and Get Off and Get it ON!

    Heathcote: They decided illegally to clear the site.But the site was
    clear.It was clear as a bell!

    Judge: What on earth do you mean,There were still people on it weren't there?

    Heathcote: Yes,and birds and grass,and trees and flowers.And happy people! 
    Very happy people!     The Site was clear!

        Sitting in Caught,a secular church with a crucified toad on the altar covered in stolen horsehair,snorting legal dust for four days,surrounded by "police"and power and money subkulchur zombies;-oh the Joy of Friends present!the joy of High Souls fusing with our primal screams.

        Nicholas sang out at Superintendent Emery,who was responsible for smashing
Stage A,that it would have been much wiser if they'd moved in 600 Hare Krishna chanters instead of 600 cops,as a healing balm."It would have rendered your men willy nilly into a state of bliss,"and the gallery glowed.

    Diana asked the Assistant Chief Cop why they'd moved in,and he said"Because we apprehended a breach of the peace," "At eight o'clock in the morning,When almost everyone was asleep?What breach of the peace did you apprehend then?Snoring?"and the gallery glowed again.

    The cops counsel suggested that no one had punched Nicholas in the face,but that his injuries were sustained by one of the four policemen dragging him off "trying to get a more comfortable grip."An uproarious reaction from the public gallery:hoots,honks,and Ha Ha Ha,after which the judge threatened to clear the court.

    One superintendent claimed that no truncheons were drawn,but only used once to dismantle the stage.Of what would a truncheon be unscewing a scaffolding clip?Silence.And when confronted with a photo of a P.C. advancing with truncheon drawn,on Stage A.that mutinous mandela,that nucleus of quadrophenia,the third eye in the centre of the hurricane,...he lamely claimed that the officer must have picked it up."He's got it in his left hand,you see,your honour"

"He could be left handed though,couldn't he?"said the judge,the veil lifting
a little.

"Did you see any of the plantiffs there?"said the judge

"Hippies all look alike to me,your honour"said Scrooge.

    We won-though the judge had to sneak us to victory (two thirds of us at least) and soften the blow by claiming it had been "an admirable operation" but that there were"hooligans and blackguards present,provoking the police,"(usually looking at Heathcote of whom he said:"You've only got to look at him to see he's the sort of person who'd resist the police any chance he got.")

    The judge finally decided that we were innocent,amiable,peaceloving people and that we'd caught the reverb from all these hooligans trying innocent amiable peaceloving pigs beyond endurance,slightly fuelled by the use of what he termed as "unblooded officers,perhaps over-zealous in proving their mettle."

"double the damages claimed and costs."

    The police case cost them 2000 pounds in lawyers fees.150,000pounds for the site clearance.A flood of cases pending-the Windsor Police Roit could cost the honest householders of the Thames Valley a quarter of a million pounds.What feasts have we been swindled of!

    And the screws were turned on I.T.N.who in a still photo of one of the plaintiffs being dragged off and then lying on the ground bleeding,could be clearly seen filming the much better if they'd picked him up,and wiped the blood off his face,rather than grokking on the whiffs of adrenalin with their celluloid suckers.But since they had,it was evidence and should have been shown.No deal.Enter "willowy,dapper Roman Catholic",nigel Ryan,chief editor of foot from the scampi belt,to defend his editorial decision to film only the destruction of the festival,not its creation,to defend his decision not to show untransmitted film,since it might reveal him to such as the I.R.A.(Institute of Rennaissance Alchemy)as an agent of authority and endanger the lives of his newshounds,and his expensive equipment,but instead to show only to the court transmitted film which concentrated entirely on the Armed Love Conspiracy defending Stage A,and putting the boot in where there was an appropriate gap in the overwhelming odds:Baton swining cordons of blue meanies not shown.

    Mr Ryan,accompanied by his sullen side kick,  Hugh Whitmore, slithers into the witness box in a pathetic attempt to persuade the court of the integrity of I.T.N.,the News of the World of the Broadcasting Media.No deal,you abject,craven news spiv.Contempt of Court! Chop off his head!

    We surged up & down:Lynne giggled,David & Cathy beamed,Patrick the Postman was blitzed out,Sid Rawle hugged Diana eight foot off the ground squeezing out her astral body to mate with the Great Bear,Don Aiken felt Released and shouted Wally!Andrew Huxley zoomed into the cops lawyers to hit them for a bill of costs that would bankrupt the whole cop-show for eighteen
life-times,Andrew Dixon said he was going to get a spray can to write down a transcript of the trial all over the court house,Edwina did a pierrot act with a ventriloquist's doll"I love you all from the heart of my bottom",and China aged six put on a judge's wig and tried us all again for treading on
the grass without its consent.

    Nicholas Saunders took us all back to the smoke in his Pantechicon,filled with cider & sweet sounds,and Ubi and Nicholas and Sid and Steve schemed about next years festival.

A picnic for a million people - fifty stages - True Royalty - SoulTransplants

"The civilised society is the permissive society"thus spake Roy Jenkins,once fucked by a liberal glow worm but then abandoned because he couldn't come.Stay Home Roy! And will the cops stay home? What does it matter---that Holy forest of Wind Zohar is twenty five square miles in size,and the ground and the trees,which are Aquarian Pylons,are still reverberating with the sound of the singing grace that was uttered there on August 24th 1973.A Great Grace to presage the Revolution.

Let us be prophets in our own country.A million million people will be there this year,in body , mind and spirit,and the whole Inglish police force may be there too:Let the conflicts be imaginative conflicts:Streak,Strike or be Struck down!and then let us incoporate them!

Little Ingland is no more Albion Dances! even in the law bound morgues of the dead death culture...


Free everything! Freedom is a career,and State is only ecstasy.

Question:Whatever happened to idealism?

Answer: EVERYTHING! everything!

everything EVERYTHING everything!


P.S.I have left all the puns turn left unstoned
Cheers Richard