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Sexy Rexy arrest.


    Thirty seven drug arrests at the Windsor Great Park pop festival this weekend were worrying Release, the research and advice organisation for drug offenders, last night. Release accused Thames Valley police of refusing bail to some and thereby contravening the Magistrates' Court Act, 1952. This requires that those arrested without a warrant should be brought to court within 24 hours or have their cases investigated to ensure that bail was forthcoming. But the police said that Sunday had intervened between the time of arrests and the scheduled appearances in court. " Quite a remarkable festival," the police spokesman called it, adding almost modishly. " A very peaceful gathering or happening."

   One Release worker, Mr Don Aitken, was stopped by a police officer in plain clothes ( and wearing a T-shirt with the inscription " Sexy Rexy ") when he arrived at Windsor station. The officer asked to search him and Mr Aitken refused. " He suggested that I should be arrested on an obstruction charge and I was taken to the police station, where I was held for two hours and not charged, though I was told my case would be reported."


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