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The Celestial Sunshine Tripper .

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    The three attached slides turned up during my forced abstinence from the computer, they were in my bulging Inflatables file and show the Celestial Sunshine Tripper that I built in 74 for children's playschemes in Romford, Essex. This I brought along to Windsor 74 and delighted and freaked out the happy campers with it. It was a simple geodesic pvc ball, 16' in diameter with a zip where you could climb inside and then fully inflate it and then, like a giant hamster wheel, walk around.
    The random colours whirled around the group inside and the only glimpse of the outside was by small portholes that whizzed downwards in front of you.
     It was very disorientating and most trippers ended up in a giggling heap inside as it was very difficult to keep upright. I was very lucky that it was taken away the day before the Police Invasion or it would have be added to the heap of bulldosed tents

Roger Hutchinson 2002.