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The Divine Light religion, devotees of Guru Mahahraji, had quite a strong presence at Windsor and this ( unfortunately incomplete) article was featured in their Sept 74 issue of their newspaper, the Divine Times

Divine Times Coverage

    For the third year running, Windsor Great Park was taken over by thousands of hippies for a free festival of pop music, theatre (some of it in the nude), and communal living. In keeping with its previous record, it was a scene of drugs, litter, lots of booze and food venders, and most of all disagreement and lack of understanding between police and organisers, the local council and organisers, and in many cases the organisers and organisers. This year, however, the disagreements ended in violence with the police invading the site on Thursday, the sixth day in an attempt to drive everybody off the site.
But it was free, thousands of people had a good time trying to foster a scene of sharing and brotherhood among themselves.

    It all started last Saturday amid threats by the local council to spread acid (the type that burns) on the ground to deter barefooted hippies. The organisers, led by veteran festival men UBI Dwyer and Sid Rawle , restricted their organisation to a few essentials and from then on it was a free-for-all with nightly meetings to deal with the current problems
    Divine Light Mission were there, so were the Hare Krishna Movement, the Wallies of recent Stonehenge fame, Gay Liberation Front, the Jesus People, with their group Mountain Child featuring Jeremy Spencer late of Fleetwood Mac , the Teachers, the Diggers, the White Panthers, the National Union of School Children, and thousands more hippies, freaks, and dropouts of no particular The festival's purpose, Sid Rawle told "The Divine Times"' "is to prove that we can have a peoples festival. That's why its nine days. It's apolitical. You need to live with people, experiment in living, tribal gathering." He admitted It was "a bit untogether with a lot-of commercial exploitation" from hot dog and Ice-cream stalls .

    His fellow organiser, Ubi Dwyer, 42 year old and a civil servant in Her Majesty's Stationary office, was not available for comment as he had been arrested on Wednesday. After two weeks of no sleep, according to the Festival's own "Free Press" which is produced each day, he "has flipped his lid". According to one organiser, he spent Tuesday marching around the site wrapped in a Union Jack, proclaiming himself King of England and demanding absolute obedience from his 'subjects.'

It was a little difficult to pin things down at the festival since nobody was running It. But Release, the drug-help organisation was there, and reported a lot of hassles with police.
"There is a split between the attitudes of the police. giving orders and in the town, and those on the campsite who are quite nice. " said Release man Don Aitken on Monday night."But this is the biggest operation ever mounted by Thames Valley Police. "
    And Windsor certainly appeared to be a police state all last week with police. cars, jeeps, motorbikes and vans tearing up and down its streets. There was even a helicopter hovering over the site every day. According to Aitkin, they were picking up people everywhere, and searching every ,third or fourth car leaving the area.
There were complaints of plain clothes police impersonating Release men.
    When we asked Chief-Inspector Dennis Howells, about the searches, however, he refused to comment. But he did tell us that at its peak, which was probably last weekend, there were 500 police involved in the operation. And by Wednesday they had made over 300 arrests, more than two-thirds of them for drugs and the rest for theft, assault and drunkenness.
However, It wasn’t all heavy. On most nights there was good music to listen and dance to. •
   One elderly couple, respectably dressed, stood out like a sore thumb. But they were happy to be there. "We're educating ourselves," said the husband. "We're trying to see how the other half live— the better half. And we're really enjoying It all."

Free meals
    In one corner the Hare Krishna people were chanting, somewhere else the Jesus People were giving out free meals while their group Mountain Child, were rocking it out. And the organisers anti-bust devices were working smoothly. This involved shouting, "Pig" whenever a plainclothes policeman was spotted. We saw one such incident. In a matter of seconds, a crowd, of a few hundred had chased the unlucky copper off the site. And if a bust was spotted, the same system applied.
Guru Maharaji's devotees were there in . force. They arrived on Saturday and set up a medical tent which caused a little misunderstanding with Release workers who have been running a trip tent .

Journalist escapes angry crowd.

Last Tuesday a journalist form the Divine Times came close to injury when an angry crowd of over 500 hippies at the Windsor Free Festival mistook him for a plain clothes policeman. He was only able to free himself when a hippie who had known him two years previously arrived on the scene and identified him .

It was about 5,30 pm on Tuesday when somebody announced from one of the stages that two plain clothes polciemen were on the site and advised anybody who spotted them to walk behind them with a pig sign, get as manay people to follow and to drive them off the site because the police were taking liberies.What happened to our reporter, Matthew Conlin, is as much an indictment of the police's underhand methods as the uncontrolled emotions of the hippies.

He was dressed in jeans and an orange open necked shirt, had short hair and a beard of five days growth . ' I was walking back from the main stage when unknown to me a group of people assumed I was a policeman because of my conventional dress, said Conlin.They were lead by a few people with two big signs reading PIG . I noticed people were grunting behind me but continued walking.

I was still walking but those at the next stage along saw the crowd, realised that a pig had been spotted and came rushing toward me . I was trapped by over 500 people , many of them under the infulence of highly potent drugs and in various stages of fear, paranoia and anger.