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July 2008

New photos of Glasgow. New Charlton recollections. Formatted for view at 1280 x1080 res or above .

The Who

Put the Boot In .

The Valley. Charlton Athletic FC


Celtic Football Club Glasgow


Swansea City Football Club .


The Who, Sensational Alex Harvey Band ,Little Feat, Outlaws,Streetwalkers ,Widowmaker .

We, wet, wet ....© Brigette Grundy


Streetwalkers onstage at Charlton 1976 © Nick Gough


The Outlaws onstage at Charlton 5-31-76 photo© Jeff Cupit.

    Three one day stadium festivals hosted by the Who and the last of of two epic gigs at Charlton for the band . Once again there was violence and a great deal of confusion at the London venue due to forged tickets and gatecrashers. Many with legitimate tickets could not get in , but were given a free bus ride to the Swansea show as compensation.

   Crowd behaviour at Glasgow and Swansea appears to have been far better then that at the Charlton show, although The Streetwalkers were bottled off at Celtic Park.

The Charlton stage © Des Hurrion


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