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The 1970 festival , view from Desolation Hill.

Photo © Jaap van der Galiën

    The Isle of Wight played unlikely host to three rock festivals of the 60s and 70s. The last ,most infamous and definitely the BIGGEST has almost completely overshadowed its predecessors , which is a shame, as they are all worth documenting . However, because the spotlight has played so relentlessly on the 1970 festival , fuelled by the release of the films and the sheer goddam size of the beast , its been difficult to find any good documentary evidence of the earlier bashes. However, due to the fantastic efforts of our viewers, over the past few years we have amassed a lot of good material on the 1969 festival. 1968 still has a way to go and of course , we are always looking for MORE information on any of the festivals. With this in mind , if you have any info you can contribute to the site, such as details of recordings. recollections, programmes, tickets, pix or articles  please Contact us


For an in-depth review of all three festivals ,folks may wish to try to find a copy of the book Message To Love ? The Isle of Wight Festival , 1968-1969-1970 by Brian Hinton, published in 1995 by Castle Communications.


link to Kenny Denton of the Pye Mobile studios blog some hilarious stories regarding the festival

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