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    Surprisingly, mostly due to Hawkwind, there are a number of recordings available from the festival , some are even official releases - there's even one in my local library here in Australia !.

After a great deal of searching through a seemingly endless number of Hawkwind sites on the net I discovered these performances had been recorded and were out there in some form .

Stonehenge/Watchfield festivals 1976

The Weird Tapes vol 3, Hawkwind Records 2000
Vol 3: 'Free Festivals' HAWKVP8CD 41'55"
Stonehenge 76 -High Rise; Damnation Alley; Damnation Alley pt 2; Uncle Sam's on Mars; Robo

Bob Calvert- vocals
Dave Brock -guitar/vocals
Simon King-drums
Simon House-keyboards violin
Adrian Shaw -bass/vocals

Watchfield 75- Circles; I am the Eye; Slap it on the Table.

DaveBrock., Paul Rudolph (bass), Andy
Dunkeley (electronics), Alan Powell (drums) and Nik Turner (sax).

High Rise
Damnation Alley
Uncle Sam's on Mars
Iron Dream
Quark Strangeness and Charm
Master of the Universe
Welcome to the Future
Spirit of the Age
Sonic Attack

   These are other recordings of Hawkwind at Stonehenge.Some of these dates contradict themselves and are almost certainly innaccurate .

   A lot of these shows have also been split up and spread across numerous bootlegs but you should ignore those and trade for the complete shows for free , following the free festival spirit to its logical conclusion ,( although we should buy the legitimate release of the Stonehenge 84 festival to support Hawkwind ). Please don't ask me if I have any of these shows because I've not been collecting them. If YOU have any of them I wouldn't mind picking up the best ones.


I played at Stonehenge in 1977 and 78 with a band that later became an 80's Metal band that did really well in USA ...BRONZ!!- .back then though, we were a three piece band, sounding more like the Pink Fairies.

I have a 2 hour live recording of Bronz from the 1978 Stonehenge Festival (sat/sun) on the "main" stage, which is really excellent (complete with bogus tamborine / percussion players from the audience)
Crazy days!
Chris Goulstone...

Left - The line up that played at Stonhenge 1978...from left to right

  • Andy Wellsford / Drums
  • .Chris Goulstone Guitar and Vocals
  • Simon Thomas / Bass Guitar

After this gig we travelled to Brighton to support the Lightning Raiders and a very early version of the Human League).

Roy Harper

Free festival veteran Roy Harper also played at the Henge in 1983 and 1984. Two audience tapes are in circulation

06-22-83 90min Audience tape- Quality Fair.

Roy Harper Band - personnel unknown.

Set list

One Man Rock And Roll Band, Tom Tiddler's Ground, I Hate The White Man, Elizabeth, McGoohan's Blues, The Flycatcher, Twelve Hours Of Sunset, Work Of Heart and Short And Sweet.

6-21-84 45min. Audience tape- Quality Fair

Set list

with a guest performance by Jimmy Page
One Man Rock And Roll Band, Commune, I Hate The White Man and Highway Blues were included in the video "Stonehenge 1984 ".

audience recording consists of

Commune, I Hate The White Man, Highway Blues, Me And My Woman and Hangman.

Henge Documents

Henge History :1972-1984


Peace Convoy:1982-85

Free festivals in the UK 1960-1992

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