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June 20-23rd 1979.

Peter Gabriel, Steve Hillage, Mother Gong, Tim Blake, John Martyn , Tom Robinson, UK Subs, Sphynx ,Sky,Footsbarn Theatre ,Nona Hendryx , Alex Harvey, Leighton Buzzards,The Pop Group/The Slits and The Only Ones.

Recordings , personnel and set lists.

Steve Hillage 6-23-79

1 Fire Inside 1.42
2 Electrick Gypsies 4.27
3 Talking To The Sun 8.58
4 Hurdy Gurdy Man 6.27
5 Light In The Sky 4.28
6 Unidentified (Flying Being) 2.42
7 Unidentified (cont) 2.42
8 Radio 7.57
9 Rainbow 3.30
10 1988 Activator 2.15
11 Crystal City 3.01
12 Activation Meditation 1.21
13 Ohm Riff ** 8.46 *

Reportedly a SBD recording

Hillage and others onstage Glastonbury 1979 photo Jeza

** I was told this is the song title. As do not have the album this song is on, I cannot verify this. However, it really just sounds like a medley of Gong material, specifically Master Builder and A Sprinkling Of Clouds at the very end.

The Only Ones .6-22-79

No Solutions :As My Wife Says :The Guest :In Betweens :Programme [false start followed by PA breakdown] :Programme :Lovers Of Today [cuts due to 2nd PA breakdown] :Mike Kellie Drum Solo :The Beast :Another Girl, Another Planet :Flowers Die:Miles From Nowhere:Peter And The Pets.

Audience recording. 38 mins

Fairly clear vocals but other instruments are muffled. The beginning of No Solutions is missing. Programme suffers from a false start and then, according to a press review, during the second attempt the generator packed up for an hour.
"Actually there was nothing wrong with the generator at all. We just wanted to check our make-up", says John Perry.
Perrett comes on stage to say " Hello again. This is fun innit?". You can't see us but......Before we were so rudely interrupted, this is called Programme".

The band play on, apparently in darkness as the generator was on half power, although a cheer just before the end of Programme indicates that the lights have come back on.
The tape suddenly stops during Lovers Of Today due to a second PA breakdown and after a brief pause a muffled drum solo can be heard. According to the review, Mike Kellie carried on playing despite this second loss of power. Finally, the end of Peter And The Pets is cut off.


Nik Turner's mob, apparently their set was filmed by the BBC - and as you can see in this shot, there is a camera in action.

Personnel :Nik Turner - Vox & Sax, Dead Fred - Vox & Keys, Trev Thoms - Vox & Guitar, Mo Vicarage - Synth Dino Ferrrari - Drums.

Photo © Paul Seaton

Peter Gabriel 6-23-79

Personnel:Peter Gabriel, Steve Hillage , Joe Partidge, Geoff Westley, John Giblin, Preston Hayman, David Jackson (+ Phil Collins as special guest)

Its unlikely this was recorded as the set would have probably emerged by now on lists .

Mother Gong

A CD has been released featuring selections of songs from Glastonbury 1979 and 81 . Unfortunately any info I have found so far does not indicate which songs are from which festival.

Personnel : Harry Williamson (vocals, guitars); Gilli Smyth (vocals); Didier Malherbe (flute, saxophone).- Photos we have indicate a larger lineup than this - keyboard and conga players should be included.

1.: Dogs
2.: Dreaming It
3.: Rats Amok
4.: Robot Woman (part 1)
5.: Birds So High
6.: Beautiful Country
7.: Evidance
8.: Disco At The End Of The World
9.: Robot Woman (part 2)
10.: Machine Song
11.: Searching The Airwaves
12.: Customs Man

Mother Gong and others . Glastonbury 1979.

L to r : Harry Williamson, Steve Hillage, ?, Miquette Giraudy & Gilli Smyth

Photo © Paul Seaton

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