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1977 Tour Dates.

   The 1977 tour was far more ambitious than the 1974 visit , with the band venturing into every state , apart from the Northern Territory. Some of the venues , such as the Festival Theatre in Adelaide, can seat around 1500 to 2000 punters. It would be interesting to see just what sort of crowds the band drew to these gigs.

    Soundboard recordings of parts of the shows were made by John Penhallow ,with the intention of creating a live album . Just how much material was recorded is unsure, but there was enough circulating amongst traders to fill up a 90 minute cassette.

Set list of compilation tape.

Eynsham Poacher

Sir Patrick Spens

Sir B. MacKenzie

Dirty Linen

Country Pie

When I Get To the Border

Jams O'Donnell's Jigs

Me With You

Poor Ditching Boy

Flowers of the Forest

Run Johnny Run

Hen's March/Four Poster Bed

Limey's Lament

Bonny Bunch of Roses

Incomplete versions of Brilliancy Medley and Hexhamshire Lass.

Of course, the band split soon after this tour and there were no more tours of Australia until 1986 , by which time , they faced an uphill battle to win back their audience and restore their profile. It was long while between drinks for antipodean fans , but tours in the 1990's did gradually improve the situation .

Thanks to Michael Hunter for the programme scan and Alex Lyons for set list information on the 77 tour .

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