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East Anglia

Rock and Blues Festival

Speedway Stadium


Bury St Edmonds

Suffolk .


Mildenhall Rock and Blues Festival

5th August 1990

Courtesy Neil Williamson.

  • Saxon
  • The Blues Band
  • The Almighty
  • Mammoth
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • Excalibur
  • Xentrix
  • The Brian Knight Band
  • Loose Connections
  • Bay X
  • CC Blues Band
  • Wild Alice
  • Tigertailz

     Once again confusion reigns regarding as to whether a band played at Mildenahll only once, or whether it was twice. This time it concerns the glam rock band Tigertailz, who were apparently bottled at the festival in 1989 and do not feature on the poster we have for the 1990 event.

   However, a video circulates and a portion of this is on youtube, which purports to be of Tigertailz at Mildenhall in 1990. The quality is pretty naff and we can't tell from the footage what year it is, but given the band were not very succesful in 1989, we doubt they would have been invited back to perform the year after.....

   One possibility is that , due to the band having had a top 40 showing with their album Bezerk in 1990 , they were added to the bill again in 1990 in the hope of them attracting a larger crowd by virtue of their chart success. Unlikely, but it would explain the dating of the tape as 1990. Making this more unlikely is the fact that on the youtube footage the band are only playing tracks from their first album.....

   Given the often bizarre booking choices made at festival events , anything is possible. Yet again , bootlegs are notoriously loose with their dates and sometimes are misleadingly labeled to increase sales or to confuse the authorities. ...


Courtesy Neil Williamson.

Mildenhall Rock and Blues Festival

3rd August 1991

Atom Seed

Mamas Boys

Lisa Dominique


New England

Marshall Law

Blue Blood

The Hamsters

Mean Red Spiders.


Mildenhall 89 & 91

Hamsters and Engine, both years. Always loved the Hamsters and fell in love with Engine there. Uriah Heap and Chicken Shack were amazing in 89.

    Hawkwinds set was cut short due to support band Atom Seed overunning their time slot. The weather was fine , but many in the crowd were disappointed at the short set as they had only come to see the Hawks .

I remember the final support band (Atom Seed / Atom Kraft?) being rather shite and running over. "Do you want another song?" they asked "No fu*k off!" we shouted in reply. "Ok. We'll do one more!" The end result was we only got about 50-60 minutes of Hawkwind; they were half way through a song when the stage light went on .
My memory of the event was one of poor organisation and a general amateurish feel to everything.

There was a midight curfew at the event. I think Hawkwind were halfway through Master of the Universe when the stadium lights were switched on - I remember Alan checking his watch as he played with a confused look on his face. They played a shortened Golden Void with the lights up and that was it ...

.I enjoyed that gig immensely. I wasn't there for the other bands (I'd heard about Atom Seed though). Didn't really remember the power cut but remember waiting for ever for the Hawks to come on. I thought the Hawkwind sound was very Space Ritual. Fantastic. The atmosphere was pretty good too.

Lisa Dominique. I remember her walking round the stadium with half a dozen of her - ahem - 'security people' before she played. I think I watched her set for 5 mins then lost interest.

I went the year before as well and remember it being one of the hottest days on record, fell asleep for a bit , woke up and my legs were so burnt i couldnt walk at all.........remember somone selling space cakes for a quid, think i had one too many ...

Hawkwind August 3rd 1991.

Speedway Mildenhall

  • Needle Gun
  • Starflight
  • Ejection
  • Time We Left
  • Blue Shift
  • Poem
  • Out Of The Shadows
  • Snake Dance
  • Night Of The Hawks
  • Star Song
  • Levitation
  • Poem
  • Master Of The Universe
  • Golden Void

Dave Brock ,Bridgett Wishart, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick

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