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Nostell Priory Music Festival.

Nr Wakefield .West Yorkshire .

August 24-27th 1984

The arena- Nostell Priory 1984 © Noddy Guevara

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Photographs and Recollections.

The most memorable festival for me was Nostell Priory in 1984. I believe Reading was cancelled at the last minute, so a few of the bands came north to a little festival on the outskirts of Wakefield, but there was very little announced in advance about which bands were on and as it was last minuet the ticket prices were still very low (£3.50 for the day if I remember correctly)

As a 17 year old I was really into Thin Lizzy and Marillion, and didn't know that Marillion were headlining and that Phil Lynott's Grand Slam were also on the bill (I think that Alvin Lee was also on the bill) until we were on the bus heading to Nostell Priory.


Nostell 84 was just as good as 1982 , as I'd bin into Van since the early 70's (thanks to my older brother),and for a lota other different reasons, obviously The Covoy helped, and what they were selling (cheap). I remember the Hash toffee (only cos we bought the guys stock on the monday to take home) never quite got the same taste after many years of my attempts of baking. Oh and I think it all got eaten before we got home! Hull (only an hour away. Ha) We were a much bigger contingent in 84 as we had told everyone how good 82 was, I can remember going to a truck selling tea and ready rolled joints, served by a naked lady, very polite she was, and had lovely boobs. Ive got some photos, and will post them on.
Thanks for the memories.


Nostell Priory 84 Gallery Two


The Damned at their soundcheck on Friday- minus Cap'n Sensible © Baz Harrison


Grand Slam onstage © Noddy Guevara

Steeleye Span onstage © Noddy Guevara

Steppenwolf onstage © Noddy Guevara

In 1984 John Kay spent the fifth year of rebuilding Steppenwolf after some legal battles concerning former band members using the name and playing bad shows. The Band then consisted of John Kay (voc, g), Michael Palmer (g, voc), Gary Link (b, voc), Michael Wilk (keyb, programming) and Stephen Palmer (dr). This line-up recorded an album in 1983 which was yet to be released outside Canada where it was out entitled “Paradox” on the “Attic” label. It was produced by Richard Podolor and engineered by Bill Cooper at the American Recording Studio in Los Angeles, with whom and where the successfull Steppenwolf and John Kay Solo albums were created in the late sixties and early seventies. As a result, this record has the full, warm sound for which Bill and Richard as well as the studio are renowned. Ironically this proved to be the last recording done at the original “American” before the studio was demolished to make room for urban growth.

The plan was to have some more British dates around the Festival together with the release of “Paradox”. For unknown reasons only the festival date was realized. The line-up of the Band changed with the year 1985 and things turned out better in commercial matters each year. “Paradox” was finally released as CD on CMC Records in Europe in 1998. The 1984 line-up of the band once reunited for a fanfare held in Nashville, TN, in 2002.
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Phil Lynott

The Band © Noddy Guevara

Nostell Priory 84 Gallery Two
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