Fine Art Course students :Loughborough Art College 1970-73.

if you know the whereabouts ofany of these folks -email
    Big Rog Walker, I was in contact with Rog for a while in the 1980s . But lost his address. Last I heard he was living in country cottage somewhere. 
   Dave Gregory and Brian Smith the elder. Brian once got so drunk that he fell over and severely bruised himself, but this was a rare event . Brian one of the few people in college who was responsible and level headed. He went on to do a post grad and did excellent  paintings of reflections on water. One of the few who got a first. The paintings behind are left, a Jane Bonsor and right - one of mine featuring Groucho Marx.
    I actually know where this bod is .Residing somewhere in Scotland, teaching , although I have not seen him for many years. . A Liverpool lad- one Dave Kinghorn - what a great name ! 

   Dave was a total nutter and I was fortunate enough to go to Teachers college with him later on at Leicester, during which time we sank many a pint together and tried our best to pickle our livers. 

      Together we experienced the whirlwind that was  Captain Beefheart at Leicester University , one of the best times I ever had at a concert, even though we discovered that Dave had his coat stolen during the show. 

Viva Kinghorn !

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