Fine Art Course students :Loughborough Art College 1970-73.

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Keith Blackham

       This is the man I'd most like to meet again , as I had such great times with him on the Gower peninsula in Wales and in his home town of Hereford. Keith Blackham , where are you ?
   Keith was a fabulous person, who loved the Incredible String Band, having fun times , making ceramic brains , staying up all night playing chess and driving his minivan at 100 mph through Charnwood forest. 

   He was a great driver, I never felt afraid when he was at the wheel, no matter how unroadworthy he really was, ( and there were times when he was REALLY , REALLY unroadworthy ) one always felt safe with him , he exuded calm and confidence. 

   Last heard of in South America, helping freedom fighters of some sort of left wing persuasion - typical Keith .

if you know the whereabouts of Keith email us

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