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Open Air Summer Concert



August 7th 1970.


Amazing Blondel




 We are looking for more eyewitness accounts of this event


Just to say I was at this festival –it was held in a field outside Woolacombe and I think also featured Lindisfarne ,but I may be wrong about that – not much else to report except I worked in Woolacombe for the Summer before going to the IOWight festival that year

Mike Kojan

I was there. Man also appeared, I think they replaced another band.

I remember being in a queue in a hedged lane, it was very hot and we turned a corner. A Jack russel dog was barking and someone threw it over a hedge. My pal and I weren't far from the front of the stage, there didn't seem to be many in the audience.

'Amazing Blondell' playing their instruments. Some-one screamed and one of the band members said 'did you know that screaming like that may be harmful to the testicles?'

Free were great, and after their gig they must have been asked for an encore, the long haired drummer nodded his head and off they went again...
During the interval a speaker system was used to play records, and among the songs was 'Make my Day' by Labbi Siffre
Any other memories available?
Peter Dicks

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