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The 1965
National Jazz and Blues Festival.
Richmond Athletic Grounds
Richmond. Surrey. UK.
August 6-8th 1965

    The Who. 6th August 1965. 

     The Who played three times altogether at the National Jazz and Blues Festivals .
1965 at Richmond ,Windsor 1966 ( this being the last outdoor festival The Who would play in the UK until 1969) and finally at the 1969 National  Jazz and Blues Fest which by then had transferred to Plumpton. By then they had transformed themselves and were performing numbers from Tommy.The 1965 show featured their earlier material such as My Generation , Anyway Anyhow Anywhere and I Can't Explain. It also features Pete Townsend doing a nice bit of guitar and amp destruction, although theres no full blown trashing of the Who's entire stage equipment , such as Moon's drum kit. Young Keith had apparently energised himself by downing 20 uppers, no wonder he was so bloody energetic !
      The stills below were taken from an archival film that exists of the 1965 show, recorded for the US TV show Shindig but it is not known just how much footage of the set exists.


Audio tapes are circulating of the set, supposedly from the TV show.

Sound: Very good audience/soundboard?

Time: Approx. 20 Minutes

Set List:

Heatwave, Daddy Rolling Stone, I Can't Explain, My Generation, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, Shout and Shimmy

    If you have photos, recollections, set lists, newspaper reports  or tapes of the event then Contact me and I'll add them to the site.


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