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The allure of RT .

Why create a web site dedicated to this beret wearing singer songwriter ?

Simple .

Richard Thompson is unique.


     Rt reaches the places that other singer songwriters only dream of hitting .Over a thirty year career he has authored dozens of classic songs and a handful of critically acclaimed albums . Moreover, he is a fantastic guitar player, second to none on both electric and acoustic - and his live concerts are an experience that has to be believed. He can have you doubled up with laughter over his on-stage banter one minute and bring you to the verge of tears when he effortlessly relates fragile tales of love and despair the next.With his band he can tear down the house and as a solo artist he can hold an audience spellbound with the power of his vocals and inspired acoustic guitar work.

     If you are unfamiliar with the work of Richard Thompson , then investigate his new albums which are now available on his own website. If you like quality music , seamlessly crafted , original and imbued with a warped sense of social conscience , then the work of Richard Thompson may appeal to you.


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