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Festival 69 .

Pennycross Stadium Pymouth .

Monday May 25th 1969 .

Fleetwood Mac

The Herd

The Spirit Of John Morgan

Rod Mason's Jass Band

Bobby Cee

Frozen Tear

22 Karrat


    Another stadium show , a greyhound palace ,which doubled as a speedway . The stadium was demolished in 1972. Various dates appear on the internet regarding this show, but the poster says it all really. Apparently fans tried to gatecrash the show by breaking down fences of neighboring houses, but looking at the picture of the stadium, it doesn't look like any buildings are that close to the track .....

Hi , i was there at the festival., my first ever concert ,age just under sixteen. Frozen Tear were a Devon band who cut one single , a cover version of Free 'The Hunter' . I remember The Fleetwood Mac set quite well, they did not do 'Man of the world' which was in the charts recently, but do recall they sang 'wine,whisky & Women' . They were amazing, it changed my life entirely.

T he festival was so succesful the band (Fleetwood Mac) were re-booked for August bank holiday weekend,but it was £1 a ticket so did not attend.


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